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MIS Presentation Group 1

final project

Lauren Rose

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of MIS Presentation Group 1

Baylor Easy Parking:
Parking Application

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The parking on campus is very limited due to the increase of students and new development of other buildings.
Students are constantly unable to find parking or even make it to classes on time because they are always in search of a spot.
Contacted Baylor Parking services to discuss current campus wide parking problems
Discovered that most of the problems were found in parking garages
As a result of over crowding in parking garages we decided to make the application
Contacted Baylor Mobile Application office to discuss the feasibility and cost of developing an application to monitor campus parking
Our plan is simple; invest in two straight forward technologies:
Laser sensors and a mobile application
Based on information gathered from many companies and sources we have come up with ideal costs
In the beginning students will experience direct benefits
We believe that Baylor will benefit with the system after more students start buying more parking stickers because of the ease of the new parking system
As a result we plan to create a mobile application for students to be able to know how many spaces are both vacant and occupied in parking garages
By allowing students to know how many spots are available before entering a parking garage, students are able to plan accordingly and make a logical decision on whether or not they should park in that garage or another space. Stress levels are reduced.
Ana Aguire, Priscilla Douglas, Kaleb Kyser,
Lauren Rose, Allen Ukkestad, Xiaoting Yang

Mobile Application
All Baylor parking garages and availability in terms of parking spots will be presented in the application. The data will be transmitted from garage's database straight to a network that displays parking availability directly to the mobile app
Will be a publicly available application but marketed toward Baylor students
This can make parking much easier for huge events like Dia del Oso and Homecoming
A laser sensor will track how many cars enter and exit the garage. This number will then be displayed on outside of the garage, showing how many spots are occupied and how many are vacant.
Laser sensors
Current Cost
Because Baylor does not currently have a system similar to the one we wish to implement there are no current costs
Projected Costs
Counting system in garage: $40,000
estimate provided by TCS International
One entry one exit: $7,000- $10,000 and a $10,000 installation fee
estimate provided by Red Storm 2.0
Putting it into perspective
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