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How to String a Ukulele

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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How to String a Ukulele

How to String a Ukulele
by Rachel Goldstein
Step 1
Find a brand of strings that you like.
(make sure to take into consideration how the material will sound on your ukulele)
If you're unsure of what brand of strings to buy, going to a music store and asking someone who works there can be extremely helpful. If the person you ask can't help, they know someone who can
Step 2
loop each string into the corresponding hole in the saddle.
When looping and tying the strings, be careful not to press too hard on either ends as they can be very sharp.
*to prevent cutting yourself with the strings, you can use pliers to loop them.
Step 3
pull tightly on the string and tie tight individual knots on each peg.
If the tied strings are twisted around each other, then they are tied to the wrong peg.
a normal knot will not keep the strings in place. If you google search how to tie a ukulele knot, there is an entire community of people dedicated to teaching people how to string, tune and play the ukulele.
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