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No description

luisa Regalado

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of TIME LINE

The lost campers

At the spring, two o'clock.
To talk thing over have a last swim in Sugar Creek.
Letter by little tom TILL
They come driving by the lake Minnesota until they arrived to the post office and sent a message to "The Pines" a place to camp.
They met to Santa Claus because they parked his trailer on his land, they also met his wife Mrs. Santa Claus(Georgia).
Barry, Tom and Jim went fishing in the morning, while the rest were to swim. Santa Claus was appreciating to Poetry.

Mrs. Santa Claus allows children give a walk to explore the place but they are lost.
Poetry and Bill start to deciphering where is the correct path by assumptions arithmetic calculations through the watch.
Poetry and Bill saw a trailer but it was not the same.
They came to the trailer, they found a suitcase strange and were very frightened because they thought that inside was someone dead.
They heard a voice before opening the suitcase and they realize that there was a big bronze American Indians.
The worst flood in Sugar Creek during spring.
calm again
Sugar Creek calmed down after having lost his temper so terribly, after having the worst flood and the ice breaking.
Gang's meet
The gang had already taken their
camping equipment to the
trailer because they have a plan; "we would leave the next morning".
This is so important because with this; their new adventure is coming.
preparing the new adventure
Bill and Poetry found something
in the bottle (the bottle was corked up tight)
there was some paper.
The paper said that he (Tom till) want that
Jesus come into their hearts.
Poetry folded the letter carefully, pushed it back in to the bottle,he put the cork again, and it back in to the creek.
saying goodbye
Bill was starting to saying goodbye
to the horses, cows and pigs, and
especially to the black and white
mother cat (Mixy), than Poetry came
and started to say a poem, her
inspiration came from her school.
Good bye :(
The indian smiled kindly and he told them that would help them return but that first help him to clean up your church.
Finally they opened the suitcase and realize that it was only a folding organ.
Snow in the face tells the children that eagle eye was an indian from Chippewa and Christian from the age of 12, they returned and realized that Santa Claus and the indians were very good friends
Jimena Guillen
Ingrid Castro
Luisa Regalado

Snow in the face was really scared because he thought that Bill Collins was serious, Eagle Eye tries to take out to Bill but he could not because at any moment could come the band of children. Snow in the face and Eagle Eye tries to help Bill Collins but he tells them that he is dead.

Suddenly Bill heard the guys eating cookies and they were all the guys there, Barry began to give orders to practice what they had learned and dragonfly was the doctor.
After allegedly relive to Bill Collins and do everything possible, Dragonfly declared him as dead. Snow in the Face said that they were very crazy.
When Bill had been shook by children as a dog he said that was very hungry to end the game.
When they are returning, they saw a tortoise writhing with a message of the Bible in its shell.
Barry drove hard this day,
and the road wound round and round,
with lakes or forest on either side,
nearly all afternoon of that first day.
At six o' clock they stopped at a lakeside
camp and pitched Poetry's tent.
They ate a lot, played tennis and went to swim in the lake, which was only about hundred feet from camp.

Day fifth, just as hot or hotter day,
but they felt fine and very cheerful
because they soon be on their way
up north, by nine o'clock they were
packed and ready and all of they
felt like yelling when Barry Boyland's big black car across Sugar Creek bridge ¡they were to camp for two whole weeks!
the return
Christian Billy-boy
Bill's parents were very happy to see him
back and they hugged him, as they
remembered him that he was a Christian
child. Bill's mother asked if he had his
testament, Bill said; yes, also promised
to read his Bible every day as a good Christian.
It happened the first snowstorm in the Sugar Creek during the winter.
Little Jim's house collapsed by flooding.
The Old Man Paddler bought a trailer for his nephew to live and give the gang a vacation.
Little Jim was drowning and Circus saved him.
The gang had its first adventure when they saved the cat from drowning.
Big Jim and his dad put sandbags in the cornfields for not being flooded.
The gang decided to go to save the cat but Little Jim was afraid of drowning.
The cat was over the hog house and the gang was looking for a solution to the problem.
After the adventure Circus began singing church songs because he really liked.
Barry rented another boat from the boat livery at the resort.
Santa Claus took Circus and Bill in his boat, and Barry took Dragonfly and Little Jim and Poetry.

In the Santa Claus's boat the children only caught five walleyed pike and Barry was sad.
Poetry was angry because he lost a big fish and Big Jim was teasing him.
Chapter 1-9
Bill realized that it was morning,
the tent flap was open, Little Jim
and Poetry were gone, and Poetry
was standing over him, dropping
little drops of water on his face to
make him up.
Outside the tent the rest of the gang
were hollering and running around,
pulling down the other tent, and
getting ready to start on the last leg
of the trip.
Poetry threw open the tent flap very
wide, let the sun in on his eyes, and say a poem.
last leg of the trip
There had been two loons, and they were hollering to each other across the neck of land, like two boys hollering to each other across schoolyard.
Poetry and Bill had lost an entire day sitting in the lake, on a stone that seems something like a long neck without any head. They talked and sitting there waiting for dinner.
At the lake
Bill walked alone, he thought that he would like to be a fish, living down in the interesting underwater world, with the strange looking other fish all around him. He'd go on a exploring trip, down, down, down to the very bottom of the lake.
Bill heard a motorboat on the lake, and he knew it was mail time at camp. In his mind he could see the gang all running down the long deck toward the mailbox at the end to see if there were any letters from home.
He read one note which was written on a typewriter, the note had indications of what Bill had to do, had to pretend to be dead in the lake, and then get help by them.
When he finished to read, put it back into its envelope and shoved it into his pocket.
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