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Daniel Liebig

on 6 February 2011

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Transcript of FROG / TOAD

Toad Frog Traits Rough skin Generally big bodies Short legs Both Most 5 to 8 cm Some 2 to 3 in long Few can reach 9 in The scientific name is Bufo Enviorment Toads live in every continent exept Australia and Antartica(very few live in Antarctica) Feilds, gardens, woodlands, and medows are some places toads will be Toads perfer dry lands Interesting fact toads dont jump they make small hops or walk Adaptations Toads have posion glands to protect them from unwanted visitors(people trying to eat them) A toad's rough, thick, and warty skin makes it able to stay in drier regions for a long period of time unlike frogs. some toads have litttle spikes on their feet which allow then to dig Toads hibernate when the weather is cold Toads inflate their body to make them harder to swallow and more bulky Both, frogs and toads are more active at night or on a rainy day Land/water animals cold-blooded amphibian have camoflauge to blend with surroundings use poison to fight of ememies and there food source mostly feed on insects adaptations frogs that live on trees have sticky feet enviorment frogs live everywhere except Antarctica most frogs live in tropical regions frogs that live by a water source have webbed feet some frogs have clawlike fingers to dig and hibernate webbed feet mosit skin intresting fact frogs drink and breathe through there skin farthest a frog has jumped was 33 feet and 5.5 inches frogs live close the to a water source so they do not suffacate the wood frog in the colder region can freeze its whole body and then that out when its warm and it will be in perfect condition frogs shed there skin and then eat it traits this is a posion dart frog which uses posion to defend itself this toad is in a dry region gills,lungs anura is the scientific name of a frog thank you (:
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