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Solving slope intercept, point-slope, and standard form

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ashley coates

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Solving slope intercept, point-slope, and standard form

Step 1:
solving point slope equations. First you start out with
point-slope form:
y-y1=m(x-x1) Part one: point-slope form next you have your ordered pairs such as
(3,2) and (1,4) next you find your m, or slope by using the equation
x2-x1 now, pick an ordered pair and use that and your slope to plug them into the equation y-y1=m(x-x1) using the ordered pair (3,2) and the slope -1


and that's point-slope form. so your equation will be
1-3 4-2 =2
1-3 =-2 this is simplifies to -1 Lets try a problem:
coordinate points: (3,10) and (2,5) answer:
y-10=5(x-3) Explanation:
this equals 5 (your slope)

next, plug the coordinate point of your choice and the slope into the equation lets try a couple more: 1. (2,7),(4,1) 2. (3,8),(4,6) 3. (10,7),(6,3) Part two: standard form step one: solving standard form equations first, you take two coordinate points and put them in point-slope form. standard form is the equation
Ax+By=C (3,1) (4,2)

which simplifies to 1
this is NOT your answer
only a step into getting your answer next you simplify the equation,like this:
*distribute the one to the x and the four
*next subtract 1x from each side
y-2 = 1x-4
-1x -1x
+2 +2
*now you add 2 to each side which is called the inverse operation because it is the opposite.
your answer should be:
-1x-1y=-4 1-7
y-7=-4(x-2) 6-8
y-6=-2(x-6) 3-7
y-3=1(x-6) now that you know how to write an equation in standard form,why dont you try a couple on your own put the equations into standard form:
1.)y-6=2(x-4) 2.)y-3=1/2(x-8) 3.)y+3=2(x-1) 1.) y-6=2x-8
-2x -2x
+6 +6
-2x-1y=-2 2.)y-3=1/2x-4
-1/2x -1/2x
+3 +3
-1/2x-y=-1 3.)y+3=2(x-1)
-2x -2x
-3 -3
-2x+1y=-5 i hope this was easy to understand and helped.
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