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Greek Goddess Hera

No description

Elizabeth Dobell

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Greek Goddess Hera

Hera: the Greek Goddess
of Marriage Background Info on Hera's family... Cronus and Rhea Zeus, the king of all gods Ares and Hebe... Hera was having problems with her relationship with Zeus, so she went to the Garden of Flora to conceive a baby on her own. Ares was conceived from Hera eating a flower and Hebe was conceived when Hera ate a head of lettuce. Hera's Powers and Responsibilities! - immortality
- responsible for commanding the winds and seasons
- disguise herself
- turn herself into animals
- goddess of marriage:
-kept marriages happy and safe
-give women fertility
-kept the children safe
-helped with financial security Hera made a difference in every couple's relationship... Weaknesses * Jealousy *
* Believed in monogamy and sanctity of marriage; but married Zeus * Metis, the goddess of wisdom Themis, the goddess of justice Hera's Accomplishments - She put up with Zeus
- She was the most powerful Greek Goddess in Olympus
- She and the other gods attacked Zeus unexpectedly Hera's Symbol Why?... It all began with Zeus and his womanly affairs with a woman named Lo... Ares, the god of war Enyo, the
of war Hebe, the goddess of youth Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth Hephaestus, the craft smith god Eris, the goddess of discord Briareus Argos, Lo and Hermes A Heifer Hera took the eyes of Argos and put them in the feathers of her favourite bird, the peacock. This way Argos would be able to watch over everyone just as Hera did. Advertisement Hera Children... Why Hera Married her Brother... Hera was Zeus' older sister, but he became overcome with her beauty and very obsessed with her. Hera rejected him every time but he never stopped trying... Do you want to have that gorgeous face that you've been dreaming of?... Well, now you can with the new product called HerLook! HerLook is named after the Greek Goddess Hera and how she had that beauty that got Zeus hooked... Healthy and
Beautiful Skin HerLook Full of vitamins and
helps get rid of that
unwanted acne... Face/Body Lotion;
Use twice daily You can go from that to... To this... in only a week! It's only $19.99 and it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!
You won't regret it...

So go to a drug store near you or call 1-800-345-7878 today! The End... :)
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