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No description

Liam O'Brien

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Satire

By Liam O'Brien Satire What is Satire? Satire is a literary form of criticism in which exaggeration, incongruity, reversal or parody is used to bring to light an individual or societal corruption, blunder, abuse or shortcoming. Its purpose is to make aware a subject and invoke change. Exaggeration To represent as greater than is actually the case, to overstate Example of Exaggeration: 1A Examples of Exaggeration: 1A Continued Exaggeration satire is used in example 1A because it is mocking the main new feature of the iPhone 5. This video exaggerates the feature that was installed in the iPhone 5 that added another row of apps, this video added about 100 more rows. This, according to the people in the video, was to make scrolling a thing of the past. The video over amplifies the increase in length of the iPhone 5 is how exaggeration Satire was used in this example. Examples of Exaggeration: 1B Examples of Exaggeration: 1B Continued Exaggeration Satire is used in example 1B because it is over showing the effects of radiation from nuclear power plants. It is saying that the radiation is so bad that even the snow men are mutating. This is satire because snow men have no genes to be mutated. Incongruity The condition of being out of place; inappropriate; unbecoming Examples of Reversal:
3A Continued Example 3A is reversal because it is showing a man pulling a sled being driven by a dog when it should be a Man driving the sled and the dog pulling the sled. This is satirical because Humans use dogs to pull sleds to get things they want or need places in Alaska or Canada but this example shows that the sled has dog chow, some that not the human, but dog wants. Examples of Incongruity: 2A Examples of Incongruity:
2A Continued Incongruity satire is used in example 2A because it is showing a afternoon tea set: a tea cup, spoon, and plate which are made out of fur. Example 2A is incongruous because those things are not made out of fur, but metal. This is satire because people cannot use a tea set made out of fur. Examples of Incongruity: 2B Examples of Incongruity:
B Continued Example 2B is Incongruous because it shows President Obama in Islamic attire shaking hands with a black panther, when he is neither a Muslim nor affiliated with the black panthers. It is satirical because many news and media stations have criticized President Obama for being Muslim and an opposer of America when he, in reality, is not. Reversal Examples of Reversal: 3A Examples of Reversal: 3B Examples of Reversal: 3B Continued Parody Examples of Parody: 4A Examples of Parody: 4A Continued Examples of Parody: 4B Examples of Parody: 4B Continued That's Satire The act or an instance of reversing two subjects An imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. End The iPhone 5 Ad: A Taller Change Colbert Report- The Word: Sink or Swim;
Scientists predict an economy-destroying, 39-inch sea level rise, but North Carolina drafts a law to make it eight inches. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/414796/june-04-2012/the-word---sink-or-swim
The Daily Show with John Stuart: The Lost Channel of Atlanta;
Under the leadership of Jeff Zucker, CNN broadens the definition of news to include more goat holograms and murder dramas.

http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-april-4-2013/the-lost-channel-of-atlanta Example 3B shows reversal because it shows a baby chick laying an enormous egg that is hatching a fully grown chicken; when it is supposed to be a fully grown chicken that is laying a regular sized egg that hatches a baby chick. This is satirical based on purely the obscurity of the example. Example 4A is a satirical parody because The Colbert Report is not real news show but a comedy one that imitates a conservative news show while also poking at how a conservative news show is simple minded. Example 4B is a satirical parody because The Daily Show with John Stuart is not a real news show but a show that makes fun of other news shows and events around the world. John Stuart is also satirically criticizing CNN's general use of their time by 'positively' critiquing their actions.
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