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Always Something More Beautiful

No description


on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Always Something More Beautiful

Stephen Dunn's Bio
born in 1939
an American poet and educator
written 15 collections of poetry
born in Forest Hills, Queens, New York
He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters
He has taught at Wichita State University, University of Washington, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Princeton University, and at Stockton University.
Read and React
The first part of the story is the narrator talking about the race he is in.
The second and third paragraph is about what the narrator thinks. It ends when the narrator is talking again about the race
This poem makes me have mixed feelings. I don't feel happy or sad. I think this poem is about happiness and despair.
The speaker which is the racer in this poem sounds pretty excited, but in the end, he sounds disapointed.
Endurance: the ability or strength to continue or last

Feral: existing in a natural state

Acquainted: having personal knowledge as a a result of study

Inevitable: unable to be avoided

People in life sometimes goes off track and walks into a different path. They are pulled to something that they desire. You learn that what is important is to stay on track and not to get distracted. You can not succeed if you don't work for it. You have to try and fail. Even though you try and don't get what you worked for, you learn that you could work on it and try again.
Abstract nouns (theme words)
Loss of hope
Analyze language Part 1
S : This poem seems to be talking about life. It's both concrete and abstract

O: The setting is at a race. The race represents life

A: The speaker which the racer speaks to the audience which is the readers

P: The speaker in this poem wants to finish the race, being in 1st place. The speaker talks about what he thinks throughout the poem and what he sees.

S: The racer who is a character is the narrator.

Tone: The tone sounds like it's exciting, and nervous.

T (Title): I think the title means you work hard on something to achieve something, but if you keep on working, you will achieve something more greater and more beautiful.

P (Paraphrase): In life, some things goes wrong, but you have to work hard to achieve it.

C (Connotation): Positive words: best, excellence, beautiful, succeed
Negative words: inevitable, failing
The beginning has more positive words and as the poem goes on, there's not many positive words.

A (Attitude): The speaker sounds excited, determined, and hopeful. The speaker is wanting to win the race. Some feelings that are expressed are excited, nervous, determined, and disappointed.

S (Shifts in Attitude): The attitude starts to shift in the end of the poem. It starts to shift because there is an another racer who is beating the speaker. The attitude shifts from hopeful to disappointment.

T (Title): I was right. The title is almost like the theme of the poem.

T (Theme): The poem is about life and how some things might get you off track and can disappoint you sometimes, but if you work on it, you can accomplish it.
Thesis Statement
Always Something More Beautiful
By Stephen Dunn
Always Something More Beautiful
This time I came to the starting place
with my best running shoes, and pure speed
held back for the finish, came with only love
of the clock and the underfooting
and the other runners. Each of us would
be testing excellence and endurance

in the other, though in the past I'd often
veer off to follow some federal distraction
down a side path, allowing myself
to pursue something odd or beautiful,
becoming acquainted with a few of the ways
not to blame myself for failing to succeed.

I had to come to believe what's beautiful
had more to do with daring
to take yourself seriously, to stay
the course, whatever the course might be.
The person in front seemed ready to fade,
his long, graceful stride shortening

as I came up along his side. I was sure now
I'd at least exceed my best time.
But the man with the famous final kick
already had begun his move.
, I heard
a spectator say, as if something inevitable
about to come from nowhere was again on its way.


In "Always Something More Beautiful, Stephen Dunn repeats the word, beautiful a few times ,and represents life as a race course and describes distractions in life as obstacles. Sometimes life can be disappointing and hopeful.
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