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Medieval sports & Games

No description

chris fortmuller

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Medieval sports & Games

very simple
had few rules
Everyone could play sports
Some of the sports they played were, Tournaments Tournaments originated as practice of skills and battle training but then turned into teams challenging each other for sports and entertainment. Games type of game depended on the social class
Materials needed to play games were all handmade
some of the games played are From Then To Now Colf - the ancestor of Golf
Game ball - a simple football game
Skittles - an ancestor of modern ten-pin bowling
Stool ball - an ancestor of Cricket
tables - like backgammon Work Cited BY CHRIS FORTMULLER MEDIEVAL
SPORTS & GAMES In a world of no technology, playing simple sports and games were a big pastime. The Melee The Joust Sports Folk Football Hammer Throwing Archery/Hunting Wrestling/Boxing Chess Checkers Dice Games Blind Man's Bluff Running Races and Stick and Ball Games "Camelot International: Britain's Heritage and History." Camelot International: Britain's
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