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No description

Brianna Lee

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Jackaby

Abigail Rook decides to go looking for a bit of adventure and sets off across the Atlantic to New Fiddleham, New England. There she meets an odd detective, (Jackaby) and is introduced to his odd world.
R. F Jackaby is an odd man who makes a living as a detective, but he see's things in cases that others don't. In the plainest terms, he is a seer into another world of creatures and myths, shielded from the eyes of most mortals. Due to this, many believe he is simply a raving lunatic, and his assistants never last very long.
Abigail finds a flyer posted about someone looking for a detectives assistant. Desperately needing a job, she visits the address posted and is immediately thrown into a whirlwind of events she can't quite believe, but can't deny either. This is where Abigail quickly learns that Jackaby is not treated as a true detective, and they end up sneaking in to the scene of a homicide. They are caught, and a junior detective named Charlie escorts them out, but not before Jackaby manages to speak with a silently screaming woman (who is actually a banshee), and uses her cry to figure out the killers next victim.
A series of murders continue to happen throughout the story, all of which Charlie tried to save, but his efforts were pointless, as once you hear the banshee's cry, your fate is sealed. The story hints towards Charlie having a secret. Jackaby and Abigail actively find clues about the creature, including similarities between each killing, and that the murderer is a creature known for wearing a red hat and metal shoes. Due to "meddling" in the case, they are arrested, but are released when the Commissioner decides that Jackaby may be his only hope.
Rising Action
Jackaby collects a huge group of police officers to take down the murderer where he's scheduled to strike next, but something goes terribly wrong and Junior Detective Charlie Cane suddenly turns into a beast and runs from the frenzied officers who mistake him for the murderer. The true beast is revealed when Abigail runs after Charlie and is cornered by none other than a wolfly version of Commissioner Swift! He injures Cane and Rook, but is shot by Jackaby, who had run off, telling his assistant nothing more than that he "needed lead." Commissioner Swift is a goblin, known as a redcap, and he was released when his red hat is burned.
Abigail and Charlie wake up at Jackaby's home after several days, tired and weak. The city has been thrown into a buzz trying to understand the events that occurred, and Commissioner Swift's sudden passing. Charlie is tentatively approached by the police, who cannot reinstate him in detective work because of his "health problems", but they could create him a fake alias and allow him to join them in the police force. Abigail says her sad goodbyes to him, but Jackaby is already preparing for their next adventure. As long as she has him, she know her life will never be dull.
The End
Rating: 5/5
Overall I would give this book a five out of five.
The author did extensive research to not only make the time period historically accurate, but to use real legends and so-called myths that were known at that time. The details used were extensive, and plot was interesting and creative.
This book was recommended to me by the Parnasses book club, and it's become one of my favorites.
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