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Technical Presentation

FTC 2011-12

A Srivatsan

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Technical Presentation

FIRST Tech Challenge
Team 3565
Grey Ghosts

Thank you for
your attention!

Meet P.A.N.T.S.

Our Robot
PANTS is a revolutionary product that we are very pleased to share with you today
The Hardware of PANTS
The Scissor Lift
The scissor lift incorporates a very innovative design that we are especially proud of
The sheer height we can achieve using our lift is phenomenal
Conveyor Belt
The conveyor belt is a really hard core piece
We used a piece of smooth felt and a wheel system that rotates in two directions
The special felt can pull a racquet ball up and into the box-holding area
We are especially proud of our STABLE drive system
As a team, we have both witnessed and experienced fairly lackluster drive perfomances, both in the FTC and FLL competitions
For this reason, we focused a lot of our efforts on making a stable drive system
The Drive System
Circular Motion
Our design employs a combination of tank treads and the omni wheel
The tank treads allow us to turn on a dime
The rubber inserts give us enough traction to climb the ramp and end the round on top, whenever we need to
The omni wheels give us "flexibility" in driving, because they allow us to turn far easier than without
"Fingers" Claw Setup
The Claw setup is a pretty unique setup
The initial claw design involved a claw attached to a set of servos which hooked a box and brought it onto the loading area of the robot
The new claw design incorporates multiple servos set in such a way that we have doubled the old lifting strength of the robot
Our Team and the Community
The Grey Ghosts
One can trace the roots of Westford Youth Robotics to 2006, with the formation of an FLL team. Since then, we have matured into a fine young group of able bodied individuals, fit for competeing in the FTC environment. As of now we have 3 FLL teams and a fully-functional FTC team. We are also the official 4-H Chapter of Westford, Massachusetts, and are also affiliated with the local highschool, Westford Academy.
As the only 4 - H robotics chapter in Westford, we have recieved a lot of money from that munificent organization.
We presented the robot to the Westford Academy Board of Trustees. In doing so, we were recieved well enough to obtain additional funding.
We have run in the past multiple fundraisers, such as...
coupon booklets
Money Talks
The 4 - H robotics chapter of Westford sponsors a number of programs, which help spread robotics to the younger children
For example,
This past year, we sponsored 3 First Lego League Teams and two of which made it to States, where the teams placed second and fifth in peformance.
We also set-up a mentor program for current FTC members.
During the FLL season, we typically sent at least two members from our team, to mentor the FLL kids
Another program we sponsor is our 4 - H summer camp
The summer camp is a gracious and professional enviroment where we can inspire the young people to strive to reach new heights
Call of Duty: Modern Community Service
We take our community service very seriously
In order to spread the message of not only FTC, but also science and technology, we volunteered to speak, as a team, at the Westford Townwide Science Fair
We have also registered as a participant in the local Relay for Life competition.a
Relay for Life is a fundrasing event for the American Cancer Society
Science, Technology, and... 42
The Code to...
...Engineering Success!!!
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathemetics

These are all facets of the engineering process
Each part is equally important towards having a successful product

Ultimately the goal is not just to do well, but to also learn techniques that can last a lifetime. These techniques range from problem solving, all the way to project management.
It all comes together now
Earlier on, we talked about how we engineered the different parts of the robot
In the WYRA, we attempted to plan out our design
Our Engineering Process was a dynamic one.... We tried to
De-Bug some more
and.... De-Bug EVEN MORE
We tried to stick to this process, however, as you are well aware nothing in the world is always static, so we had to...
Robotics is an ever-changing enviroment, if there is one thing that we need to take from FTC, it is that nothing is ever perfect...
There is always room for improvement...
and a team's success or failure is completely dependent on their perserverence and work ethic
... Modify... I mean change... I mean adapt
Having a good robot is only half the battle...
As we discovered, a robot is only as good as the program that it is running

That is why we did our absolute best to keep programming and building in complete sync
The code itself is
Westford Academy
Ghost Robotics
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