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Kaylee LaBella

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Illustration

William Blake wrote and illustrated some of the most beautiful poems of the period. He etched both text and image on the same plate so that the words became part of the design.

John Tenniel, a successful political cartoonist, created memorable illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1872), two children's books by Lewis Carroll.
Story & Fiction
For well over 20,000 years people have used pictures and symbols to tell stories about their lives.
Visual Storytelling
The earliest known manuscripts containing words and pictures were Egyptian scrolls.
Visual Storytelling
The invention of paper by the Chinese about A.D. 100 began a long tradition of fine illustration in both the eastern and western hemispheres.
Visual Storytelling and the Beginning of Illustration
The invention of photographic printing processes in the second half of the 1800's encouraged the spread of illustrated reading material.

The photographic image could be enlarged or reduced. This allowed artists to make their original drawings in any size.

By 1900, a full array of colors and tones could be reproduced.
History of Illustration
The Sumerians created early written characters known as pictograms‚ essentially pictures of the words or their sounds.
Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and modern Chinese characters are other examples of pictographic script.
Visual Storytelling

In China, brushes and diluted inks were used for writing characters and for making watercolor illustrations on paper.

In the Islamic world, illustrators concentrated mainly on ornamental designs and on calligraphy (the art of beautiful handwriting).

In Europe during the Middle Ages, monks copied holy texts onto preachment.
Visual Storytelling and the Beginning of Illustration
In the early periods of illustration everything was done by hand, so each piece was unique.

However, in 800 the invention of the woodcut print by the Chinese caused great changes in methods of illustration.
Woodcut Print
By 1500 artists such as Albrecht Dürer and Hans Holbein the Younger were producing intricate wood-block prints.

Metal plates were also engraved to produce an image for printing. Many variations on the metal engraving technique were invented. These included mezzotint, aquatint, and drypoint etching.
Until the mid-1800's, photography did not exist. Therefore, the only means of visual communication was through painting and illustration.
History of Illustration
Illustrators before the time of photography thrived, because people wanted imagery.
Gustave Dore also illustrated classic literary works.
The word "illustration" has several meanings.
But it usually refers to any picture that accompanies a text.

Illustrations can be drawings, paintings, or photographs. Or they can take the form of maps, graphs, or charts.

Some illustrations help explain the text or provide further information. Others are purely decorative.
History of Illustration
Books and magazines could be produced quickly and easily.
Illustrated magazines became popular, creating a new need for illustrations.

Artists like Winslow Homer, Howard Pyle, and Norman Rockwell became incredibly popular and important American illustrators.
Winslow Homer
The Gulf Stream
Why and how did the invention of the woodcut print change illustration?
How did the invention of photography change illustration? How did the invention of photography change art in general?

Other than photography what inventions have changed the way we create art? Explain how.
Illustrations often accompany text but many can stand on their own. Literature is often made up of elements that help tell a story. What are these elements? What visual elements tell a story here? What is the story?
During the late 1800's and early 1900's, many illustrators began to focus their efforts on books for children.
Their pictures were filled with gnomes, fairies, goblins, and other fanciful creatures.
So she went into the wood where the nightingale sang, and half the court followed her.
Edmund Dulac

The Nightingale
by Hans Christen Andersen
Maxfield Parrish
He laid as many bags of gold as he could carry at the door of the cavern, but his thoughts were so full of the great riches he should possess, that he could not think of the necessary word to make it open, but instead of "Sesame," said: "Open, Barley!"
And when they had ascended that mountain they saw a city than which eyes had not beheld any greater.
When he met the dwarf and the latter asked him whither he was going in such haste, he stopped, gave him an explanation, and said, "I am seeking the water of life, for my father is sick unto death."
The Water of Life
from the Brothers Grimm
Arthur Rackham
During the 1950's magazines increasingly used photographs as illustrations. They used them first in advertisements and later for stories and feature articles. This trend led to a decline in the importance of illustration art.
During the 1950's and 1960's, television began to replace illustrated magazines as a popular means of visual communication.
Many illustrators found work in television. They drew storyboards (sketches used to guide the action) for commercials and television shows or created the drawings for animated cartoons.

Other illustrators turned to book illustration. Paperback publishing had become a major industry after World War II (1939-45).
Dr. Seuss
Beatrix Potter
Illustration Today
In addition to book publishing, there has been a host of new magazines. These specialize in sports, hobbies, fashion, travel, art, humor, and other topics and provide work for illustrators.

Advances in computer technology have had a huge impact on illustration and the way illustrators work. Computer programs like Photoshop and Illustrator give artists the tools to create digital illustrations used in books, television, magazines, and more.
Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling has all of the following things:
A foreground, the part of a composition that appears closest to the viewer.
Middle ground, the part of a composition between the foreground and background.
Background, the part of a composition that appears to be farthest from the viewer.
Create a Movie Poster or a Book Cover based on a piece of literature
Person 1: Draws a body.
Person 2: Draws eyes, mouth, nose, etc.
Person 3: Draws features/ details like hair, claws, wings, etc.
Person 4: Colors and names the creature.
Mason Jar Monsters
Thumbnail Sketches
Remember your drawing needs to show:
Outline/silhouette of a character or element from your text
Story based on an excerpt from your text on the inside of the outline/silhouette.
Generate 3 colored, thumbnail sketches, 4 inch x 4 inch, that show 3 different designs for the project.
Which idea is your favorite and why?
Does each thumbnail sketch show the required elements: character, setting, action, theme? Which element is most prevalent or stands out the most?
What could they add or improve upon?
Project Criteria
Using a literary source
, design a composition
inside of a silhouette or outline
, that shows:

*With your table compile a list of 4 goals for this project, plus 1 personal goal.
You must use words from Bloom's taxonomy!
Literary Painting Checklist
I have...
Included characters, a setting, and action from my chosen literature.
Used value by creating light and dark areas in my painting.
Added paint to all areas of the painting to make sure there is no white space.
Analyzed my painting and added more layers of color, cleaned up small mistakes, and added more detail where necessary.
Made sure to write my name and hour on the back.
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