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Radioactive Chapter 4

No description

Lily VDG

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Radioactive Chapter 4

Generally focus on hard data, things seen that are testable, observable, and provable with concrete evidence
Believed there was more than what meets the eye in people

Encouraged by recent discoveries and inventions of early 1900s
Scientist At Work
Page 52 and 53
Page 54 and 55
Page 56 and 57
Radioactive Chapter 4
Page 62 and 63
Page 60 and 61
Page 58 and 59
Dancer Loïe Fuller
Page 64 and 65
Page 66 and 67
Marie Curie
Radium was not intended to be commercialized
The fairy lights signify Marie's passion.
The hype was too extreme, it became mass produced
The dangers of Radium were unknown
“The time will doubtless come when you will have in your own house a room lighted entirely by radium. The light thrown off by radium paint on walls and ceilings would in color and tone be like soft moonlight.”
-Sabin von Sochocky
Loïe Fuller
Warm colors give a calming and joyous atmosphere
Shows Marie and Pierre Curie at work
Concentrating to find what they have been searching for
Radium glows throughout the lab

Nicolaus Copernicus
By:Jordan Golmon, Emily Lanstra, and Lily Viernes
Made a costume spotted in calcium to make it shine
First to use luminescent salts for lighting effects
Asked Curies for costume soaked in radium, and was rejected
Famous dancer in late eighteenth century
She used huge pieces of silk during her dances
Well respected in French Scientist Community. Member of French Astronomical Society
Theorized heliocentric idea in a geocentric society
Nathan Handwerker
Founder of Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Stand
White Flash ?
Awe of discovery
Remains in mind
Never the same
Radium became huge
Dangers were unknown
After exposed the products vanished
Theory #1
Theory #2
Requested a lab, got an old shed
Worked in a dirty environment
Lots of work and manual labor
The End
Marie and Pierre had separate and combined discoveries
There love became stronger during this time
Together they overcame a challenging obstacle
Large eyes and hands
Side by side with her husband the whole way
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