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tom hughes

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Judaism - IVF Tom Hughes Jewish law and
thoughts on IVF What is Self-dertermination? Bibliography All Jewish People Conservative and Reform Judaism Orthodox Judaism Ethics What is IVF? Quotes Video Explanation In Vitro Fertlisation (IVF) is the process of the sperm fertilising the eggs in the laboratory rather than inside the woman's fallopian tubes.
The fertlisied embryos grow in the lab for anywhere between 2-5 days before being transferred into the woman's uterus.
Couples use the process to try and overcome infertlilty problems.

Isaiah 45:18 "He did not create the world to be desolate, but rather inhabited."
Genesis 1:28 "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it" Based on the Torah - 5 books of Moses and the Talmud - Oral Law. Jewish people look towards these texts for guidance.
Jewish people emphasise the value of human life and that all life belongs to God.
To "be fruitful and multiply", Most Jews support the use of IVF. Conservative and Reform Jews support the use of a sperm donor.
Orthodox Jews are are usually opposed to the use of sperm donors. They don't have problem using the eggs and sperm of a married couple though.
An infertile couple may utilize IVF, using the husband's sperm and wife's egg, to have a child. They are under no obligation to do so.
Couples who wish to use IVF and preimplantation genetic testing to avoid having a child with a severe genetic disease may do so.
Creating extra embryos and freezing embryos are halakhically acceptable. thawing a frozen embryo that the couple does not wish to implant, in order to discard it, would be halakhically permissible.
Halakhah is the complete set of laws that Jewish people abide by including commandments instituted by the rabbis. Like Conservative and Reform Jewish people, Orthodox Jews agree with the concept of IVF except the only difference being they are opposed to sperm donors and surrogate mothers.
Although this is not a totally resolved subject, from a religious point of view, the child will belong to the father who gave the sperm and to the mother who gave birth or vice versa. In the past, it was not understood what caused infertility. the Talmud was unable to explain the scientific mechanisms of inheritance of traits, it was enlightened in assigning a role to the female "semen".
I was thought the female simply provided an incubator for the male seed to grow into a child.
The Torah recognises the presence of a female seed with the passage: "If a woman emits a seed" (Leviticus 12:2).
Jewish people agree IVF is the right way to overcome infertility. 1. Human life has intrinsic value - very important.
2. Preservation of life is the most important aspect - most imperative.
3. All human lives are equal - no one is better than anyone else.
4. All life belongs to god.
5. Human life is very sacred - god is in every one of us.
6. A person's actions, therefore is a direct imitation of god.
Self-determination can be described as the ability of individuals and groups to be able to enjoy the values of life, prosperity, freedom, and human dignity.
Although there are laws that Jewish people live such as the Torah which is Jewish law, it doesn't contain anything about IVF but over time, people who are infertile and want to have babies can be allowed to do so because of self-determination and their ablitiy to "be fruitful and multiply".
It gives followers a bit of leaniency in their lives. Jewish Virtual Library - http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/ivf.html
IVF Australia - http://ivf.com.au/fertility-treatment/ivf-treatment
Youtube -
Religious Institue - http://www.religiousinstitute.org/statement/in-vitro-fertilization-rabbinical-assembly
IVF Worldwide - http://www.religiousinstitute.org/statement/in-vitro-fertilization-rabbinical-assembly Start at 0.52 Religious Determination 6 Principles of Ethics
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