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Learner Centered Teaching 2/12/14

Universal Design for Learning & Adult Learners

Cara Stone

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Learner Centered Teaching 2/12/14

or the Three Pillars of Universal Design for Learning
Three Brain Networks
Action & Expression
Universal Design for Learning
Provide options for perception
Provide options for language, mathematical expressions, symbols
Provide options for comprehension
Provide multiple, flexible methods of presentation
Provide multiple, flexible methods of action & expression
Provide options for physical action
Provide options for expression and communication
Provide options for executive functions
Provide multiple, flexible methods of engagement
Provide options for recruiting interest
Provide options for sustaining effort & persistence
Provide options for self-regulation
How might you modify your assignments or lesson plans to provide multiple, flexible methods of perception?
How might you modify your assignments or lesson plans to provide multiple, flexible methods of expression?
How might you modify your assignments or lesson plans to provide multiple, flexible methods of engagement?
Find additional resources here: http://delicious.com/ccwrayiub/udl
Modify or design a research assignment or class activity focusing on
Learner Centered Teaching & Universal Design for Learning.

Describe what you currently have & brainstorm new ideas with your neighbor.
Learner Centered Teaching
Universal Design for Learning
Cara Stone

For all of these 3 areas, I provide links to Version 1.0, but they provide links to version 2.0 in the right hand column of their website.
Variety of teaching methods
Teachers as facilitators of student learning, rather than "givers of information"
"When the focus becomes student learning, colleges attain higher rates of student retention and have better prepared graduates than those students who were more traditionally trained (Matlin, 2002; Sternberg & Grigorenko, 2002)."
"Building a strong knowledge foundation...developing learning skills and learner self-awareness"
Build off of what they know
"Focus on student learning...
rather than didactic."
responsibility for learning shifts
from the instructor to the students. The instructor creates learning environments that motivate students to accept responsibility for learning."
"The processes and purposes of assessment shift from only assigning grades to include constructive feedback and to assist with improvement."
Formative assessment
"The instructor shares some decisions about the course with the students...
instructor and the students collaborate
on course policies and procedures."
Need ideas or further clarification?
Learner Centered Teaching
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