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Danielle Wheeler(:!

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Danielle Wheeler(:!

Stock Market Project!! Interesting Facts About American Eagle U Int Interesting Facts about American Eagle Danielle Wheeler Period 4 In canada American Eagle opened the 1st store in Canada 3 other chain stores came out of American Eagle. American Eagle used to be a provider for outdoor gear like Cabella's. In American there are about 1,100 American Eagle stores. American Eagle sells shoes clothes appereal and accesories. The companys CEO is Peter M. Bowler. American Eagle was started in 1991 as a outdoor appereal company. The stock price of American Eagle battled from low to high but towards the end the stock price got higher I chose this company beacuse I shop at American Eagle and i like the store. I thought itd be fun to find interesting information about it. Nike is named after a greek goddess meaning victory. Nike has more than 700 shops Nike was originaly a blue ribbon sport and officialy became a company on its own in 1978 Nike is a company that sells aperal, shoes, equiptment, and accesories for all sports. The CEO is mark parker and Nike started in 1964 as a Blue Ribbion Sport Nike's stocks were usually high but they dropped once then shot back up again. I chose Nike because i play alot of sports and Nike is my favorite brand of sports equiptment. It also has the best quality and reaserching things i like is interesting. I dont think that investing is a good idea becase stocks are ify and you really cant have your money depend on them. I liked finding interesting information about my companys and playing areound with prezi. If i could chang anthing about this project i would change the amount of time we had to finish it.
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