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Scenario Sequence

No description

Claudia Silva

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Scenario Sequence

Want to be a mom? By Claudia Silva It was Jennifer’s senior year; she was never more than an average student, making her way through school with little need to be an over achiever. She lived in a poor area known for its high teen pregnancy and dropout rate. Even with the less than favorable environment, she lived a very sheltered life and was a carefree young girl. Her senior year should have brought her excitement and joy; she soon was overwhelmed with anxiety. She stared at the white strip for what felt like an eternity as she thought back to her life; all the mistakes she had made, the careless nights and things she could have done better. And in one moment all her fears had come to fruition because of one little, blue plus sign. As her panic began to settle in she remembered a flyer that was passed out in class. University of Pueblo Texas
Community Wide Services
Come take an active part in research on the communities Issues Confused about what she should do, she decided to go to the workshop. Outside the building where the survey would, take place was a small group of protesters; they stood by the door and as Ana walked over they soon bombarded her with complaints. “It’s so wrong! Schools shouldn’t be teaching our kids about sex.” “Mhmm, it is up to the parents to teach their kids right.” Ana tried to politely excuse herself .
She didn’t want to be a part of any commotion.
She went inside that building Ana tried to politely excuse herself .
She didn’t want to be a part of any commotion.
She went inside that building “Good afternoon everyone, I would like to that you all for coming and participating, today we will be discussing how the community feels about alternative education and requiring sexual education in our public schools.” At that point the room had erupted in chatter everyone had something to say, while Ana tried to sit quietly and stay unnoticed. A woman stood to speak up

“This aint right, parents don’t want their kids to learn about sex.”
“Yeah! As parents we have a right to keep our kids from knowing things the good lord considered sin.” The crowd erupted loudly once again as the MC tried to quiet everyone down. “Now please everyone, this survey was made so your opinion could be heard. If you could all calmly take a seat; take this survey, answer truthfully so we can make sure your opinions are voiced. Ana stared at the story reviewing the questions, she answered as best as she could; but could not help but feel nervous as she read some of the questions. After the survey they began passing out a few pamphlets,
One for an alternative education program
Another about sex and STD’s
And one about pregnancy and the reproductive cycle.
She looked through the pamphlet and came to a diagram of a woman’s reproductive organs
She stared puzzled at words like diaphragm and ovulation
Things that she had never heard of in her entire 17 years of living. She began to realize, no one had ever taught her about these things. Her mind began to wonder about what was to come; her stomach swelling up like a balloon a baby crying at all hours of the night, the time and the money it would take
“I might need to get a job or quit school. I’m not ready for this”
She began to consider something that was once unthinkable: abortion.
Her stomach became uneasy as everyone began to leave; she realized there would soon be a decision she would have to make.
She approached the professor, she told him what had happened and how this small presentation really made her think about what she needs to do. “In the end no one can tell you what to do, you need to look deep inside yourself and decide if you can do this. You know you are not ready, but you still have a chance to prepare yourself. In addition, if you decide not to go through with it that is ok too. Do what is right for you. In the end just remember you can keep this mistake from repeating if you have the knowlage.” End Age:
Marital Status:
Do you have children? :
Are you or have you ever been sexually active:
If so you use any form of protection? :
Do you know anyone who is sexually active? :
*Have you ever thought you were pregnant or thought you got someone pregnant? : *Are you aware of methods of contraception?:
How do you feel about the use of contraception?:
How do you feel about the use of birth control?:
Explain the reproductive cycle:
Are you aware of possible risks of unprotected sex such as STD’s or STI’s? :
Do any of your religious practices impede you from using contraception? :
Issues in the community that to be discussed:

High teen pregnancy rate
High Dropout Rate
Sexual Education for the
Public Sexual Education in school
Alternative education program Come join us in a community wide survey on the needs for educational programs and sexual education workshop. Help you community with your opinion.
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