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Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Center

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Transcript of Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Center

Will the practice of meditation, yoga, self awarness, and certain methods of healing help to solve some of life's largest problems? Deepak Chopra The Big Question: Deepak Chopra believes that changing "one mode of consciousness such as the mind will consequently effect another mode of consciousness, alike the body". and the Chopra Center The idea is that if you have a positve thought, then you will have a positve out come. meditation is able bring a connection from calming your mind, to focusing in on the area of your body. Will having a postive
outlook really change
your illness? How does the practices of
Deeprak Chopra bring not
only better health, but
success as well? 7 Spiritual Laws of Success 1. Law of Potentiality: having us realize what we are capable of and who we really are 2. The Law of Giving: a cycle in life. In order to continue the circle in life, giving to others to recieve from others 3. Law of Karma: Every action has a reaction. If you want happiness, then you must speak of and act with happiness. 4. The law of Least Effort: the more effort put out for something, the less likely you will be able to obtain it. If you are motivated by love and good intentions, then your outcome is positive 5. The law of Intention and Desire: you are able to knowingly change the energy of your well being. with intention you are able to fully understand your own full potential. 6. Law of Detachment: in order to achieve anything in life, you must rid of your attatchment for it. 7. The law of Dharma: find what your purpose is in life and express your talent and serve others with your talent that makes you unique in accomplishing your purpose in life Rationale for
Choosing This Topic Reason One I have heard of Deepak Chopra before but I did not have much knowledge of what his beliefs and philopsophy had been. I thought it was interesting and I wanted to know more. Reason Two I didn't want to research a religion or philosopophy that was alike anything I was familiar with. Deepak Chopra's ideas are very differant from my own and as I looked into the philosophy I became interested. It was interesting and differant and I found that I ended up liking some of the ideas. deepak chopra POVs
Comparison Hinduism Buddhism The law of Detatchment and Desire could be looked at as almost taken from the exact teaching of Buddhism. They both believe that the harder you try to grasp for something, the less likely you will be able to achieve it. Buddha states also, that happiness is not a goal, it is a way. This is much alike what Deepak believes. Five Hindrances are seen in Buddhism, and alike what takes away from those in Buddhism is very similar to Deepak's teachings. A very close similarity is the mediation in both, and the state of minds and dharma. Much alike Deepak Chopra's POV, Hinduism believes in Karma. The action that what is ment to be will happen and occur. Karma for Hinduism is a large part of their religion and incorporated into their way of life much alike Deepak Chopra's Idea. The more you Incorporate Karma, the more you believe and the more likely you will be successful Key Teachings of Deepak Chopra Ayurvedic Medicine A balance of mind, body and spirit to promote wellness and health.
The use of herbs and other materials to help cleanse the body and restore balance
disesases arise when a person is not in balance with the universe.
health will be good if an individual is in harmony and balance and intentions are wholesome and natural. Three Doshas (A persons life forces) Made of two of five basic elements (fire, water, ether, air and earth)
relationship to bodily functions and can be disturbed for several reasons
each dosha has physical and psychological characteristic
imbalance of dosha will produce symptons to that specific dosha Vata Dosha most powerful, ether and air
control of breathing, heart, and mind
upset by fear, grief, staying up late...
people with this dosha are susceptable to heart disease, anxiety, and insomnia
Pita Dosha Fire and water
hormones and digestive system
may have anger if imbalanced
may be cuased by eating spicy foods and staying too long in the sun
susceptable to chorn's disease, heartburn and digestive problems Kapha Dosha earth and water
has strength, immunity, and controls growth
imbalance may have nausea
aggravated by sleeping during the day, eating too many sweet foods, too much salt and greed
vulnerable to cancer, respiratory diseases, and obesity Treatment Yoga
Breathing Exercises
Steam Baths or Sweats
Chakra Alignment Chopra Center Beliefs Pantheism An idea that the universe and God are identical.Believe that God is better understood as a way of relating to nature "all that it was and shall ever be...rather than an entity". With it, there is a deep understanding that nature is incredibly important. Main Teaching Deepak teaches that the mind, body and spirit are all together and will affect each other. He says that the balance between the three bring an ulitimate health and happiness 5. When you find yourself angry at another, you are only struggling with yourself Ten Keys
to Happiness 1. Listen to your body's wisdom 2. Live in the Present 3. Take time for yourself and meditate 4. Relinquish your need for external approval 6. The world "out there" reflects the world "in here" 7. Shed the burden of judgement 8. Dont toxicate your body with food, drink, or emotions 9. Replace fear motivated behaviour with love motivated behaviour 10. Understand the physical world is just a reflection of deeper intelligence 7 Spiritual Laws to Success (as reviewed) The Controversy Pros Allows individuals to live a life with morals that can help to obtain ultimate happiness.
His ideas when followed correctly can help you live a healthy life style and stress free.
Balance in life
Workshops at the Chopra Center to help provide further practice and treatments Cons The practice may be controversial with western medical practices
His workshops may be unattainable for those who would like to attend
Inability to have certain foods
unable to make common goals among people My Overall Impression Every religion and philiosophy differs from another. Somtimes there are similarities between one or more and overlap in areas of belief. I overall liked the idea and beliefs of Deepak Chopra's teachings. It seemed to be a very peaceful way to life and was very into the the health of an individual. I like the idea of the mind body and spirit being connected and directly relating to one another, but I personally have a hard time accepting that there is nothing more to a larger being than just nature and the universe itself. I believe there is a bigger and more powerful entity. I related to some of the ideas of Deepak, but at the same time had a hard time accpeting others. The Big Question The teachings help relieve stress, teach oneself how to stay happy, deal with others, rid of pain, teach yoga and meditation which can help calm the mind when it is needed. Through that, many problems can be solved or situations can be handled better than without the beliefs. As for the Doshas, no one knows for sure the outcome and western medicine as far as we understand and are sure of, can help us most of the time with medical situations. There is no proof with his teachings and beliefs, but with every belief there needs to be faith, and with faith there doesnt need to be proof. In short, I think that it can relieve stress, and provide you a happier life style, but i dont believe through his teachings it can help change "life's largest problems" Bibiliography Chopra, Deepak. "About". Deepak Chopra The Offical Site. 2010. www.Deepakchopra.com www.nccam.nih.gov "Ayurvedic Medicine: An introduction". National Center For Alternative Medicine.Home Page.2010 www.shareguide.com Chopra, Deepak."Deepak Chopra: 7 Laws To Success". Shareguide Holistic Health Magazine. Www.shareguide.com/chopra www.awakeningtheself.com This had been his main site. It was updated daily with daily expressions and was founded by Deepak Chopra himself. This had been one of the main sites for Ayurvedic Medicine. It was up to his teachings and looked incredibly trustworthy This was one of the supporting sites for Deepak and the site had all of his laws in brief and then further explained This was a page that had the book actually online. I was unsure of how to site this due to it being a word document. I can't get any better than from Deepak himself My Prezi About...
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