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APPLE Inc. Presentation

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k gibson

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of APPLE Inc. Presentation

Made in California
The history of APPLE Inc.
SWOT Analysis
How does Apple's strategy stand up against competitive rivalry in the industry?
Apple Company Opened in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and
Ronald Wayne in Cupertino, California.

Ronald Wayne was responsible for writing the official papers of the partnership between the partners but after a period of two weeks he decided to come out of the partnership. Ronald Wayne designed the first Apple logo.
Jobs and Wozniak couldn't find a headquarters for their company, so they started from the garage of Steve Jobs' parents house.

Revenue: 35.3 Billion
Net Profit: 6.9 Billion
Gross Margin: 36.9%

How does Apple's strategy stand up against competitive rivalry in the industry?
Jobs vs. Cook
Business Strategy Style
Thank You

This work has been made by
Kristen Gibson
Wei Jia
Javahnda Kea
Luke Powell
Fiscal 2013 3rd Quarter Results
SWOT Analysis

Question & Answer
New Power Mac
Expanding Mobile Product Line
Acquisitions of new technology
Growing demand for Apple Cloud Service

Devoted Employees
Customer Loyalty
Mobile Phone Dominance
$4.2 Billion Average Weekly Revenue in Q-1 2013
Exorbitant Prices
Employee Red Tape
Patent Infringement
Decreasing Innovation
Shrinking Market Share (13.1% of the world smartphone market)
Windows 8 & Android
Amazon's Growing Music Market
Samsung's control of mobile components
Competitors getting better at emulating Apple's appeal

Apple designs Macs,

the best personal computers in the world,

along with OS x, iLife, iWork, and professional software. Apple

leads the digital music revolution
with its iPods and iTunes online store.


reinvented the mobile phone
with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and iPad which is

defining the future of mobile media and computing devices.
Apple is committed to bringing the
best personal computing experience
to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its
innovative hardware, software and internet offerings
Releases few but highly anticipated high-end products
Long developed cycles that grow anticipation
Develop and sold new products which blended art and technology to provide a simple and streamlined user experience
Utilizing Apple's significantly sized market share to provide only incrementally changed products
Producing slightly improved versions of existent Apple products
2-3 year cycle for significantly new and improved products
Differentiation Strategy (Chapter 4)
Consumer Goods
High Technology

Integrated set of actions taken to produce goods or services that customers perceived as being different in ways that are important to them.
Competitors List

Question 1
Review the important elements of Apples external and internal environments. Outline key factors in the SWOT analysis.
Question 2
Would you buy the new iPhone (5C) or (5S)? Why or Why not?
Do you think Apple will continue to be innovative?
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Apple begin in 1976 with Steve Wozniack and Steve Jobs in the basement of Jobs parents house; and now has grown to an 80,000 employee company.
The company's greatest strength of its reputation is now in jeopardy with what the market describes as decreasing innovation.
Apples focused business style has allowed the company to sustain a competitive advantage.
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