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Test of Prezi for Conversion Funnel

Wouter van Hest

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of TOFU MOFU BOFU

Bottom of the Funnel Top of the Funnel Top Tip: Middle of the Funnel This segment has now transformed your casual visitors to the site into leads by the way of a Call to Action. We do this by various ways, but one of the most common would be asking the visitor’s email address in return for access to advanced documentation such as whitepapers, short videos and downloadable guides. To further funnel your new leads into a prospective customer, you then entice them with Web Seminars, direct Email Contact, E-Zines, etc… You have to give the customer something that would benefit them in order to pull them further into the funnel. At the very bottom of our funnel, we now have converted our prospective customers into a client. Tofu, Mofu & Bofu Your
Strategy What we want to do is bring our non-branded contents to the TOFU stage, which will bring users to our website. Giving away information for free may be an alien concept for most Japanese companies, which are used to playing their cards close to their chest, but what we want is to rank high on search engines and social media. Included in this top step is also blogs, press releases and your website. One statistic that you have to be aware of is the conversion rate of your visitors into clients. Although there may be thousands and thousands of users daily to your website, only 10% of them will make it to the MOFU stage. From there, the conversion from a lead into a client is around 1% of the remaining leads. We have a breakdown of the traditional conversion funnel, which we call TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. This allows segmentation of your website users into three main categories, with Calls to Action in between each stage. We do this by presenting them
with demos, consultation and
they enter your sales cycle in
order to plan a strategy for
their Digital Experience.
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