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Head and shoulders Persuasive Advertising Techniques

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amna rashed

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Head and shoulders Persuasive Advertising Techniques

Head & shoulders
Advertisement Analysis (1960, 1987,1995)
Current Advertisement ( 2014)

History of Head and shoulders
Head and Shoulders idea Started in 1950
Producing Company P&G ( Procter & Gamble)
First introduced to the U.S
Starting test in spiry of 1961
Pyrithione Zinc treatment
29 Million Unit sold per year


Remove flake
Dry treatment
Reduce Redness
Control Oil

Head & Shoulders Ads

USA Society in the 1960s

Word (solved) , For emphasis

To persuades there target about the important of head & shoulders shampoo


Using word (can)

Why :

The company can not say the fact , there for they use this technique


Using word ( wonder shampoo), to reduce the dandruff


To persuades there target to buy the unique shampoo that solve dandruff problem and to stay forever without dandruff.

Persuasive Techniques
USA Society in the 1995s
Fashion interest and Hear style
Technology growth
Appearance it was very important
Industrial development
Head & Shoulders Ads

Moving to cities
Modern life style

USA Society in 2014
Females (age 15-40)
People who have dandruff
Early adapters who cares about the overall look and the health of their hair.
Target audience
A famous lady (Sofia Vergara) was hired in this ad to attract more attention and guide the viewers who loves to follow their role models
To trap the audience attention.

Uses in words “ i use it, the whole world uses it, u mean you don't “ which persuade the viewer to use it like the others rether than being left out.

encourage viewer by showing that all people are using which means its a good product

Sofa pretended that she had test the product and felt satisfy with the result.

so we believe by their experience and add value to the product.

Persuasive Techniques
Beautiful People
In this ad beautiful and good looking ladies was hired which appeals to women’s desire to look gorgeous.

To affect their emotion of wanting the beauty as it shown in the ad.
Persuasive Techniques
Society and Culture in the UAE
Islamic culture
Modern Society
culture tolerance

Recommended Persuasion Technique in the UAE

Association, where people follow the desire of beauty.
New, UAE has a rapid technology progress that new ideas is always wanted.
Celebrity, media has a large impact on society ( Mirenda Ker)

Head and Shoulders shampoo ad
Movie booming
Love traveling
Events and night life
USA Society in the 1987s

Young male and female
Who have dandruff
Target Audience
Persuasive Techniques Used
Plain folks
Normal people where acting in this ad like the couple in the cinema and the guys at the airport which persuade the viewers more than high paid celebrity.

people believe regular people more than an intellectual.

The lady in the cinema and the guy in the airport express how bold and confident they are when telling “ I don’t".

more affective t0 persuade emotionally.

Persuasive Techniques
They use a famous lady (Kristen Wilson) , with technique this will show their support for a product with more demands

To grab our attention.

The word ( greatest shampoo), the basic idea of the Ad is to support the strengths and quality of head and shoulders.
Why :

To make their target to buy their product higher than other brands.
Advertising and Language of Persuasion Techiques Project
Student Name:

Amna Rahsed Alshhehi / H00085637
Aysah Ali Alalawi / H00083626

Lynette Peine
Effective or not ?
Effective or not ?
Effective or not ?

10 years of Scientific studies
Why :

Because they want to show audience the leading of their credibility of head and shoulders


“There is no other shampoo leave your hear lovely”.

Why :

They flattery in their target to persuade the audience
Persuasive Techniques
Effective or not ?

Yes , it's effective because after this advertisement the demand of head and shoulders was provided millions of consumers with greater scalp care.
It's effective because it's audience reachable by using celebrities as (Kristen Wilson)

References :
John Kennedy became president
Competition with the Soviet Union
Appearance it was very important
Gold war
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head and shoulders shampoo
Yes, because they had a direct target to young generation who suffer from dandruff.
Males and female
High Middle Class
Beauty interested
Who suffer from dandruff
Target audience
Target audience

In conclusion, head and shoulder shampoo
company used a variety of an effective persuasion technique in the past and present and has a great development in the product component.

Yes, because they focused on females and chose a great well known celebrity that had a previous ad contract with the company
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