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Edward Scissorhands

No description

Rory Medley

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Edward Scissorhands

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Plot Summary
Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 film by Tim Burton that tells a story about a young man who is built by an innovative inventor who dies before he can finish the project. Sadly, this leaves the good-natured Edward with scissors for hands and a gloomy and worn down mansion all to himself. However, one day, a bubbly Avon saleswoman (Peg) makes a last ditch sales attempt for the day and drives up to the top of the mountain where Edward's dreary home is. She finds him hiding out in the attic and brings him home to live with her and her family. Initially, the neighbors judge his gothic looks, but they eventually all develop an unhealthy fascination for him and his hedge-trimming and hair cutting talents. He is very innocent and is often taken advantage of. After some time, he falls in love with Peg's daughter, Kim and tries to protect her from her arrogant boyfriend, Jim. When Kim starts to fall in love with Edward, Jim decides he doesn't like Edward and frames him for a robbery, this and an strip-tease gone wrong with the neighbor woman Joyce, leaves Edward hated by the town. After this, events in Edward's life go downhill and he is ultimately chased away from his town and back to his mansion where he ends up killing Jim in defense of Kim.
About Tim Burton
Born and raised in Burbank, Calif.
Age 56
Wasn't very book smart.
Went to Cal. Arts- (Disney)
From Animator(Fox and the Hound)- to conceptual artist(The Black Cauldron)- to doing his own projects(Poems and art, later to become The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Did many book/comic to movie adaptations. (Batman, Alice in Wonderland, Big Fish, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory)
Edward Scissorhands was his first fully written and produced movie.
Social Implications
In Edward Scissorhands, it is clear that everything is all about appearances. In the opening scene, the camera pans over Peg's neighborhood where everyone has the same house and the same car. Peg makes a living by selling Avon beauty products door to door. When Edward comes home with Peg, all everyone can focus on is his appearance. Kevin even asks if he can bring Edward to "show and tell" and won't stop staring at him at the dinner table. All of the neighbors invite themselves over for a barbecue so that they can feed their desire to take in Edward's appearance. Once Edward's talent for hedge trimming and hair cutting is discovered, everyone has him keep their hedges and hair in top shape. Even though Edward isn't beautiful,which is why he stands out. However, the only people who love Edward for his kind and gentle heart or Kim, Peg, Kevin, and Bill. If inner beauty was of any importance to the people of Peg's town, the only beautiful people would be Peg's family and Edward. It is also about the conformity of groups to "fit in" with what everyone else is doing. (i.e. Hair cut, lawn manicure, dog grooming)
What makes this a folk/fairytale?
Edward Scissorhands is a clear, film adaptation/version of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale. It follows the general plot-line in relation to the fact that there's a "beast" who people initially treat different because of his looks, but the most beautiful girl ends up falling in love with his soul. This film doesn't specifically follow one telling of the story, but rather, adopts elements from many different tellings of the story. Similar to our textbook version, the people surrounding our "Belle" are selfish and image-oriented. While Kim has a sense of right and wrong, everybody else in the town seems to have little or no conscience. Just like the version in our text, the beauty is initially taken aback by the beast's appearance but soon falls in love with his tender heart. Similar to the Disney and opera version, our "Gaston" is handsome, but only on the outside. He acts selfishly without considering the feelings of others, even Kim, and ends up falling dead in the beast's castle. Edward Scissorhands is also a frame story, as it starts and finishes with a modern day, elderly Kim telling her granddaughter the story of how Edward came into/impacted her life.

Epic Laws of Folk narrative:
The Law of Contrast: Edward vs. Jim
The Unity of Plot: Nothing too complex, follows Edward's journey into Peg's home and town.
The Importance of Final Position: Edward starts off in the mansion and ends up back in the mansion. What is started at the castle has to be resolved at the castle.
The Law of Centralization: We only focus on what concerns Edward. There is no side plot.
Themes & Morals
Edward Scissorhands
Central Characters:

Edward (protagonist): The strange looking man that the inventor built who is left with scissors for hands. He eventually falls in love with Kim.
Peg: The Avon saleswoman who takes Edward into her home and cares for him.
Bill: Peg's husband
Kim: Peg's beautiful daughter who ends up falling in love with Edward.
Kevin: Peg's son.
Jim: Kim's antagonist boyfriend who frames Edward for a robbery and ruins his gentle image.
Motifs & Symbolism
By Rory Medley and Kendy Powell
Theme- Is a "False Bride" story because although the story seems like Kim and Edward end up together, Edward ends up alone back in his mansion and Kim with someone else. (Hence how she has a granddaughter)
Moral- "Don't judge a book by it's cover" "Not everything is as it seems"

Fun Stuff
Tim Burton said that Edward Scissorhands symbolizes "the high school perception". That everyone is on the outside and everyone else seems to be in this perfect world while you're not quite sure how to fit in.

(No real symbolism or motifs)

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have made (as of right now) 8 films together.
The Majority of Edward Scissorhands was shot in Tampa
Tim Burton has confirmed a Beetle Juice 2, Alice Through The Looking Glass (Prequel to the live action Alice In Wonderland that came out in 2010), and a live action Dumbo.
Johnny Depp has been the love interest of Helena Bonham Carter (Tim Burton's now ex-wife) 7 times, 6 of which were directed by Burton himself.
Tim Burton's work is important for todays generation of Folk Tales because he draws on past Germanic and Gothic themes to influence his work, while using his own unique style to create what people refer to as the "Burton" affect. It is used in movies (stop motion and clay-mation) and in drawings and comic books. The story line is often "cheerful" is parts but has an underlining "creepy" and "weird" tone.
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