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Deloitte Marketing

No description

Eric Stupski

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Deloitte Marketing

We Do More Than You Think
AERS: Audit and Enterprise Risk Services
Our AERS service offerings are very diverse and include

This area of the Deloitte Family is the most diverse.
Deloitte Overview
At Deloitte we are the of the largest Private Professional Services organization in the World.
Deloitte is all about:
- Diverse Offerings
- Community
- Deloitte University
- Unique Internship Opportunities
- Networking
Diverse Offerings
Not Just Audit and Tax
Deloitte is more than an Audit and Tax Firm, we have offerings for every type of interest for each individual person. It is up to what YOU are interested in.
Our practices are varied and include:
Our Tax professionals assist with a variety of assignments and are supportive across multiple parts of an organization

- International Tax
- Tax Management Services
- Corporate Tax
- Transfer Pricing

The Financial Advisory Services sector of Deloitte is responsible for

FAS: Financial Advisory Services
The Consulting arm of Deloitte is a Professional Organization that helps clients by providing insight to achieve planned results.
Some of the service areas include
- Human Capital
- Technology
- Strategy and Operations
Deloitte is a unique place to work because we believe in networking. By utilizing their network in the office, on the client, or even across the world the intern can learn about new opportunities that interest them and grow their professional development with the firm.
At Deloitte We Do More Than Just Crunch Numbers
Deloitte University: The Leadership Center
At Deloitte we care about community involvement. There are a variety of programs offered by Deloitte to enhance the community.
Some of these activity's include
- Alternative Spring Break
Every year at Deloitte, we close our offices in the US for 1 day to help in the community. This past year (2013) over 45,000 employees performed approximately 800 community service events in 80 communities. This commitment to community is farther reaching than the over $50 million of lost US revenue for this extraordinary day.
Global Internship
An internship experience like no other! The Global internship program allows the intern to build business connections in another country, develop cross-country awareness, and work in a team on a foreign business.
Rotational Internship
Unique Internship Opportunities
Not all of our internship experiences are the same. There are some interesting and unique programs designed for all different types of people.
Discovery Internship
Some of these programs include:
- Global Internship
- Rotational Internship
- Discovery Internship
Alternative Spring Break: United Way
This program is designed to help connect professionals with at-risk students to bond, engage, and learn. For five days the professional will interact with the students to facilitate learning.
Alternative Spring Break: Teach For America
This program is designed to facilitate networking with Deloitte professionals while helping in the community.
For four days Deloitte Professionals volunteer with Teach For America to help students facing educational inequality.
Deloitte University
Deloitte University is the only place of its kind. Settled in rural Texas, this learning center offers things no other accounting firm can. With its impressive design and number of classrooms for learning, Deloitte University is unique.
DFit at Deloitte University
DFit is the expansive workout facility exclusively at Deloitte University. This facility has over 100 pieces of exercise equipment. There are also opportunities for jogging, biking, and outdoor sports.
Questions and Contact Information
Created by Josh O'Conner and Eric Stupski
Unsure of where to go? Choose the Rotational Internship. This specially designed program allows an intern to work in different departments through out the internship. It allows an intern to gain a wide view of the opportunities in the accounting field.
- Financial Statement Audits
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- Security and Privacy
- Internal Audit

Plus many more...
These are just a few of the many tax offerings...
- Forensic Accounting
- Corporate Finance
- Valuation
This area appeals to more then just Accounting Majors!
- Tax
- Consulting
Deloitte Network Building
By utilizing Deloitte events interns can grow their network. These resources are available to all Deloitte employees. This is an important part of working at Deloitte.
Some of these activities include:
- Global Internship
- Local office events
- Deloitte People Network
- Business Resource Groups
This internship is a two track program designed for different students. The diverse tracks in this internship program allows the student to maintain or transfer to various divisions within the firm and to see what they would like to pursue in the service line industry.
Unique Opportunities
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