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Athena Cruise Line

No description

Vera Butakova

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Athena Cruise Line

Athena Cruise Line Agenda Email Marketing Interactive Display Advertising Company Profile
Target market
Goals and Objectives of online marketing campaign
Marketing tools for online campaign
Marketing tactics
Conclusion 1.01 billion people using the site each month, 584 million active users each day on average (September, 2012)
# 1 social media tool (the most visited social networking site)
# 2 as the most visited website after Google
57% of users are women 35 - 45+ of age
Women drive 62% of activity in terms of messages, updates and comments
71% of the daily fan activity
Women have 8% more Facebook friends on average than men Woman is more active in Twitter (56%)
American represent biggest user group in Twitter
Geographic shows ages from 35-55 account for 40% from all age range Google is the biggest searching engine
Google is built up its IDA (Cost-per-view) with YouTube and Google Goggles
The innovation in IDA gets more popular among mobile owners Company Profile Target Market Married women 35 - 55 years of age with kids
average household income $90,000+
active user of the social networks
make household purchases or influence on purchasing decision

Fun for whole family
Safety (for kids)
Relief and relax for herself 87% of users are women of 25-54 years old
59% of users made purchase they saw on the site
Visually oriented interface contributes to travel content
18,6% of visitors to travel sites are on Pinterest Pineterest users have travel buyers' mentality Pinterest Pin to Win Luxury Trip" Facebook Mobile Devices Twitter Started in 1968
2nd largest cruise company
2011 Revenue: $7.5 billion - 25.5% of Global Cruise Industry
4.9 Million Guest Carried in 2011
39 Ships, about 93000 berths
Six Brands serving over 400 ports of call
Three ships on order in Germany Goals of Goals of Email Campaign Up-sell and Cross-sell Products & Services, and increase revenue by 2.5% .
Reduce overhead costs by 10% through decreasing spending on print and post mailing.
Increase real-time messages by 77% to help in promotion campaign. 10.5 million smartphone users in Canada, the figure will grow to 16.4 million by 2016
Canadians spend 3 hours per day on their Smartphone
About 84% of women are more likely to use apps that link to social networks, and blogs
98% of iPhone owners use the data features of their phone, 88% use their iPhone to surf the internet and 75% download apps Goals and Objectives of Campaign Company Profile cont' Product: on board, activities, service and Amenities
Targeting all ages families, couples and Segmentation Market.
Market Share-25.6%
Main competitor-Carnival Cruise Lines (51.6% market share)
Employee: 60000+ (31th Dec 2010)
Distribution Channel
online (distribution network)
offline (Travel agencies, officies)
Offline Strategy: Global diversification (Global Penetration)
Mission: Be innovative, offering value vacation to enhance customer experience, increase revenue and build Brand Value Online campaign Theme: "Xmas on Caribbean Sea"
Brand: Athena Caribbean International
Ship: Ms.Diana of the Sea
Price range: $830-$1850/passenger
Trip period: 6 night and 7 days, from 20th December 2012 till27th December 2012
Itinerary: Miami Florida-Labadie-Jamaica-Cozumel-Miami 1. Increase capacity by 10% (average capacity of 75%) - minimum 85% capacity

2. 80% of passengers join Social Media Hub (through Facebook, E-mail, Twitter, Pintreset, YouTube, etc.)

3. Build the reputation of “Christmas on Caribbean Beach” package (Word of Mouth Strategy by Social Media) About 95% Canadians check their email at least once a day
66.7% of emails delivered during Q1 2011 were categorized as marketing messages.
88% of B2C firms currently use e-mail marketing
94% of daily email users subscribed to marketing messages
Increase by 84% Athena target market traffic on web site through video streaming
Facilitate interactive relationship with customers before and after vacation through the iPhone Apps as well as attract 54%
Increase revenue by 2% through mobile permission based advertising during the "X’mas on Caribbean beach" promotion campaign Increase brand and product/service awareness
Increase web site traffic by 131%
Engage loyal customers online
Allow customers to share experience Goals Mobile Campaign:- Create Apps and promote the "X’mas on Caribbean beach" event,
integrate Apps into Athena Cruise Line website.

Special offers
Athena Cruise Line brings families together with "X’mas on Caribbean beach"! 20% off if book before 10th Dec 2012!!!
Kids sale half the price- For a limited time, kids ages 12 and under sale half the price when traveling with 2 full-fare Guests of $2000 per person in the same stateroom on select 6-night and 8-night sailings during the X’mas on Caribbean beach event. to Win Luxury Trip" "Get Email Campaign 1.Sign agreement with Google, Yahoo mail and Hotmail.

2.Create offers to the target market as well as the general public-
Buy duty free designers clothes from Athena Cruise Lines ! Vacation Photo Contest ! Free
Family Trip 50% off Coupon Free Photo Session MOCK-UP " Connect product with the target market
Increase web site traffic by 150%
Collect 50,000 pins/repins
Rise ticket’ sales by 2%
Increase engagement of existing customers and attract new ones Goals Generate 10,000 impressions
Improve 1.5 % sale of ticket by increasing 500 new followers
Increasing the 10,000 click on @royal Caribbean during the campaign
Build interactive relationship with customer during period of after-purchase by @MsDianaof seas Hash tag #Xmasbeach event
Link to
Athena Caribbean international website
Twitter account/ tweets @athenacaribbean Tweet to Win Luxury Trip 2 free tickets for trip on "Ms.Diana of the Seas" Goals Attract female (wife/mom/daughter) who has strong desire to maintain healthy diet during trip
Attract 10% more customers by offering 500 discount coupons of shopping/Spa
Increase female on board consumption by 15% by engaging customers into the “B+” Combine options of exercise and healthy diet allowing clients to design their own “B+” plan
Participants of campaign whose achieve the best result will be awarded by $500 coupon for shopping/using spa on board
Best results will be revealed on the 25th December,on board Xmas Party Goals "X'mas on Caribbean Beach" online campaign
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