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Individual vs Situational

No description

Rajiv Ariaraj

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Individual vs Situational

Explanations of Behaviour
A2 Debates
Think about your personality.
Do you always act the same way, or do you change depending on the social situation?
In what situations would you change your behaviour?
How would you describe the character of Ross from 'Friends'?
Write down at least 3 character traits you notice about Ross in each of the following clips...
Individual Explanations of Behaviour
Behaviour is explained by arising from a person's own personality.
If you fully believe in individual explanations of behaviour, a person's personality would stay exactly the same no matter what situation they are in.
Individual explanations suggest that personality comes from within.
Situational Explanations of Behaviour
Behaviour is explained by what situation or circumstances that person is in.
If you fully believe in situational explanations of behaviour, a person's personality would be completely different in different situations.
Situational explanations suggest that personality is altered by external factors.
Arguments for and against situational explanations
There is much evidence that situations do affect human behaviour.
It is useful to know how certain situations will influence behaviour (e.g. creating better designed prisions will lead to less tyranny).
The same situation does not always create exactly the same behaviour in different people. Because there are individual differences (e.g Milgram) a situational explanation for behaviour is not enough.
It can be used as an excuse for bad behaviour (it wasn't me, it was the situation).
Complete pages 1 and 2 of your handout.
Does this program support the individual or situational debate? Why?
Derren Brown "The Gameshow"
Stanford Prison Experiment
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