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Storyboard for Romitte and Julio

Chasity Cramer

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Storyboard

Ben after Julio introduction to his nose. Romiette and Julio after lunch The police station Destanys dream Julios Puppy TACO <3 Malaka and Romiettes Coversation before lunch This is a important scene is the
book, because Malaka warned Romi to
be careful around Julio. Romi and
Malaka are the main characters in
this scene. The setting shows the
mood because is shows the tension
between Romi and Malaka. The
mood is perturbed ; it shows that
Malaka still wants to look out for
Romi even thought they aren't
friends anymore. This scene is important because it introduces us to Ben. Which is another main character in This scene is important, because the two main characters Romiette and Julio really start to show that they falling for each other. The mood for this scene is passionate; it shows that Romitte and Julio Storyboard The main characters for this scene are Romi , Julio , and Lady Cappell. This is an important scene; it shows when Julio gets his new puppy from Romi. The mood is goosey because both Romi and Julio are nervous about what Romis mother thinks of him. The setting shows the mood by showing how Romi acts before Julio gets their and she still remains nervous after she leaves. Chasity Cramer Bens car coming down the street towards Romis house Romi dream turns into reality Julio saves Romi. The fathers find Romi and Julio under a log in Londan forest the book. The main characters in this scene are Julio Montague and Ben Olsen. The mood of this scene is first very infuriated ; then turns very optimistic about their new friendship. The setting of this scene creates the mood , because Julio is new and Ben was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. they are gaining strong feelings for each other. The setting creates the mood in this scene, because the feelings of the main characters start to come out and they increase through out the story. The police station is an important scene because both the Montagues and the Cappells meet. They start to uncover why their children are missing, and they also start the search for them. The main characters in this scene are Maria Montague, Luis Montague, Lady Brianna Cappell, and Cornell Cappell. The setting of this scene creates the mood ; is alarming . None of the parents know what condition their child is in and are hoping for the best. Destanys dream is an important scene ,because we actually see what Destanys soul mate will be. The main characters in this scene is Destany and her soul mate who we later find out is Ben. The mood for this scene is auspicious ; Destanys soul mate soon shows up in the future just like she said. The setting is perfect ,because she thinks she will find her soul mate in London, England ;when she really finds him in London Forest.. This is an important scene because it is before Romi and Julio go missing. The last time they talk before all goes wrong. Main characters include Romiette, Destany, Julio, and Ben. The mood of this scene is distressful, because nobody knows how their plan is going to turn out. They are hoping for the best but recieve the worst. The setting of this is just before they start to execute their plan when Ben and Destany show up it is first entertaining then they realize this isn't fun and games anymore. This is a important scene because this is when Romi actually faces her dream in reality. The important character in this scene is Romiette , she faces what she fears the most. The mood of this scene is startling; Romi the one who hates water is now surrounded all around by it. The setting shows the mood; in reality Romi wouldn't step foot into water, but Julio was their and he would never let anything happen to her. A split second he had lost that and she went under the worst thing she could be in. Another important scene from this book is Julio saving Romi. The main Characters of this scene are Romiette and Julio. The mood of the scene is discombobulated; Julio doesn't know if Romi is still alive, and he promised to protect her and risk his life for hers. The setting shown is during a storm , Julio and Romi are both tired ,and no one can find them. The setting of this scene shows that the fathers never gave up , because they knew something would come out of the search. Thats why the mood is reassuring.The main characters in this scene are Luis Montague, and Cornell Cappell. This scene is important, because the fathers start to work together and never give up ,and end up finding their children in the end. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
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