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class project

luiza lioi

on 20 June 2012

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Transcript of Brasil


World Map
Continent Map
South America
Country Map
The population of Brazil is about 194,946,470 people
The area of Brazil is 3,287,612 sq miles or 8,514,877 km2
The capital city of Brazil is Brasilia
Brazil is in the southern hemisphere
Brazil has 26 states
There is only one volcano in Brazil and the name of the volcano is Trindade. The elevation is 600 meters or 1968 feet
Pico de Cristal meters = 2,770 feet = 9,088
Corcovado is the smallest mountain in Brazil meters = 710 feet = 2,329
The highest mountain in Brazil is Pico da Neblina meters = 2,994 feet = 9,823
The Amazon Rainforest is the second largest rainforest in the world
The area of the Amazon is 2,123,562 sq miles or 5,500,000 sq km
Tapajos is another forest in Brazil. It is 545 thousand hectares and it is located west of the state of Para
Bodies of Water
The largest river in Brazil is the Amazon River with an area of 7,050,000 km2 or 2,720,000 sq miles it is also the second largest river in the world
The only ocean Brazil has is the Atlantic Ocean
The largest lagoon in Brazil is Lagoa dos Patos
The average temperature is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius
The average rainfall in Brazil is 4 inches or 10.2 cm
The hottest temperature ever recorded in Brazil was 44.8 degrees Celsius or 112.64 degrees Fahrenheit
Floods are the most common natural disaster in Brazil

In Brazil they speak the language of Portuguese.
Hi = oi, how are you = como voce esta, thank you = obrigado, and bye = tchau
The currency in Brazil is Real or Reais
Roman Catholicism = 68% = 130 million people
Protestant = 20% = 38 million people
The Carnival of Brazil is a great festival held forty-six days before Easter. Rhythm, and costumes vary from one region of Brazil to another. In the southeastern city of Rio, huge organized parades are led by samba schools. Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil. Except the industries, malls and the carnival related workers, the country stops completely for almost a week and festivities are intense, day and night, mainly in coastal cities.
Pao de Queijo is made of cheese, eggs, water, tapioca starch, and yogurt
Feijoada is made of black beans, white rice, some meats and a root named farofa
Brigadeiro is made of sweetened condensed milk, chocolate, butter, and chocolate sprinkles
Soccer is Brazil's number one sport and in soccer Brazil is the number one team with 5 world cups
Volleyball is Brazil's second best sport and in volleyball Brazil is number one and have won 6 world champion golds
Many different types of houses can be found in cities of Brazil. Families who are middle or upper class live in either houses or high rise apartments. many of the lower class families live in houses that are similar to the ones in rural areas
This is a middle or upper class house
This is a lower class house
The top three famous attractions are Christ the Redeemer, the Amazon river, and the Rio Carnaval
This is Christ of Redeemer
This is the Amazon river
This is the Rio Carnaval
Two of the top famous people in Brazil are Pele and Paulo Coelho
Pele is the best soccer player in the world. In his entire career in soccer he made 1281 goals and has played 1363 games
Paulo is a famous writer. He has written 150 million books that have been translated into 67 different languages.
The thing I think is most interesting is that through his entire career of soccer Pele made 1281 goals and that the amazon is the second largest rainforest in the world
I would recommend Brazil as a travel destination because there are a lot of nice places to visit in Brazil like Rio and in Rio the Christ of Redeemer and beaches plus the food there is quiet nice . There are also some tours of the Amazon that would be nice to go on
Samba is the best known form of brazilian music, especially because of the Carnaval.
The modern clothing in Brazil is light because of the hot climate and you would usually wear shorts/skirts and a tank top. In the evening if you go to a restaurant you would usually wear fancy clothing.
For women traditional clothing is a dress named Baiana it is a very long dress with a beaded necklace and a long shawl

For men traditional clothing is Bombacha which is baggy pants made of cotton and a white t-shirt with a poncho on top a wide straw hat and leather boots
I got my information from Google, Google images, Wikipedia, and eHow.com
Thanks for watching by: Luiza
Some famous Brazilian instruments are Agogo, Atabaque, Bateria, Ganza, and Pandeiro
Thanks for watching by: Luiza
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