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Forget Prince Charming

No description

Mikhaela Shattler

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Forget Prince Charming

By: Tori, Mikhaela, and Nicole Forget Prince Charming
June Callwood Theme:
-Every relationship has friction and takes effort
- how to create less friction in a partnership by looking for certain qualities in a person. Theme and Thesis Truthful
Funny Qualities to Look for in a Mate The first part of the essay roughly outlines what a relationship is.
The second part of the essay describes the essential qualities someone needs to look for in a partner.
The two parts compliment each other Essay Breakdown Thesis:
There is no such thing as prince charming; it takes effort on behalf of each person in the relationship and the right qualities in order to have a happy relationship.
Intended Audience:
anyone that is ready to find or is seeking a healthy and long lasting relationship
anyone that is mature enough to take on the responsibilities and effort that comes along with having a relationship.

Tone: personal and humorous. Intended audience and Tone
• Personification- “the pounding heart is not always an idiot"(322)
• Alliterations like the repetition of the sound “se” by writing, “secret of his serene marriage”(323), and the repetition of the sound “s” by writing, “she makes the salad”(323). Figurative Language and Stylistic Devices Analogy- comparing compromise as the glue that holds relationships and our country together(322); comparing making the salad to making the salad dressing(323
Anecdotes- about her grandaughters, and her marriage
Description- relationships, and love
Narration- personal anecdotes, and experiences
Concession- acknowledging that some people believe in Prince Charming and pointing out why people believe he exists
Process- outlines a process on how to find a mate based on specific qualities Do You Believe In Prince Charming? About the Author June Callwood:
-born June 2nd, 1924; died April 14th, 2007
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