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family Tree

No description

toluca stars

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of family Tree

By: That one awesome dude!! (AKA Luis Montenegro XD)
Moises Ocampo
Esmeralda Ocampo
Noe Ocampo
Sebastian Ocampo
Martha Montenegro
Jorge Ocampo
Rita Medrano
Gavina Brito
first generation (aka great grandparents)
More old people!
Le Moi's Family ^__^
Family Tree
Right this way!!
WARNING!! due to lack of information of names, a few will be called "unkown" Having fun resting your head on your shoulder? ^_^
Hello again!
On my dads other side they were also full Mexican..... apparently (is that even possible?!?!?!)
They are also full Mexican!!! Who would have guessed?
my grandma and grandpa!
So here we are again, well........... nice to see you i guess? Anyway, back on topic, my grandparents on my dads side were also full Mexican........... this is getting kind of old -_-.....
Having fun?
So apparently we have remained isolated from everyone and kept on being Mexican 100%!!!! (all of my my grandparents and parents are from Mexico haha ^_^) So being here in the U.S will greatly affect the mix of races.............. or perhaps it will not, who knows?
Here's my annoying family >.>
Well it so happens that both of my great grandparents on my mom's side were, in fact, full Mexican ^_^
100 percent!!!
100% once again!!
100%........ again!!!
100% mexican approved.
Luis Montenegro
Well i hope you had a good trip, and this is where it all ends, i know that you wanted more BUT i have a life and this project took long enough >.> good bye!!!
or was it that way?.....
maybe it's this way......
AHAAA!!! there we go!! i see it!! Hang on tight, we're almost there!
or maybe it's this way?
nonononononono....... it must be this way..
i think i am lost.......
AHA!!!! We're finally here!! See? We were never lost!!
Oh drat............ we're lost again....... nono.... AHAA!! i see it!! that way!!
Alvaro Montenegro
Felipa Montenegro
Herminia Orozco
Bonifacio Medrano
Silvino Ocampo
Petra Brito
Bonifacio Ocampo
Ok, so far i have been 100% Mexican, and it will not be stopping here!! (What was the point of this slide? the other clearly stated that both of my moms grandparents were mexican.....)
More Mexican people! aren't you glad? \(^_^)/
Both of his grandparents on his moms side were, in fact, Mexicanooo.....
Now on my dads side!!
(Name forgotten.......)
says it all......
not even grammatically correct, what does "the me" mean?
I tend to stay after school with friends to play football and goof around. This affects what time i eat greatly since i come home at a later time. Another thing that i do is volunteer at the C.R.O.S.S food shelter. This activity makes me eat at a sooner time to be able to focus at the shelter. Apart from those 2 activities nothing else affects my eating habits, they are usually pretty consistent unless something comes up.
Some traditions that we celebrate in my family include christmas, we play soccer, and regularly travel to Illinois. Christmas plays a BIG part in diet changes, during this time we tend to eat tamales A LOT, and those things have a ton of fat and calories in them. ANother thing that we tend to eat during Christmas is Rosca De Reyes, and we also like to drink atole. Both kind of very fattening. When we travel to Illinois we tend to eat out a lot more than any other time. Although it’s usually at Mexican restaurants, in which i eat everything that comes my way or that is within reach. Soccer makes us more active, but due to that we usually just eat sandwiches and fruit, and maybe have a few sports drinks.
Four foods that my family regularly prepare include, tacos de lengua (Consists of cow tongue, yes, cow tongue) mole, enchiladas,and burritos decebrados.My favorite is probably burritos decebrados, which is shredded beef with green chili sauce and mayonnaise. I like it because of its flavor, and i love that type of sauce. It is wrapped in a flour tortilla (which tastes DELICIOUS on its own) with the mayonnaise next, then the beef in the green sauce. It is usually put on a skillet until the tortilla is brown.
The greatest impact i have had in a foods class with food was last trimester in foods 1. I discovered that there was a rise in the disease of osteoporosis and that it was linked to the consumption of soda beverages. That was part of the reason i completely stopped drinking soda. The other reason was about the stories about the soda cans and other cans and the conditions they were kept in. About how there were rats and dung on them and all they did to “clean” them was to hose them down. Now i only drink out of either my own cup, or plastic bottles but not canned products. I have not drank soda in a little over 4 months now, my family teases me and tempts me into drinking some. Peer pressure much?
story of my life -_-
We don’t really do all that much for religion. It may affect us here and then when my mom says that we may not eat meat on some fridays. Apart from that there is nothing else.
We don’t really do all that much for religion. It may affect us here and then when my mom says that we may not eat meat on some fridays. Apart from that there is nothing else. Sad huh?
(completely irrelevant picture.)
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