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t-v-t hrm

managing people & places

Maxine Chang

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of t-v-t hrm

Toyota versus Tylenol Maxine Chang, Kenyatta Jennings, Jordan Joseph, Lindsay Myers, Megan Williams
Presents: Monday, April 26th 2010
Managing People & Places Contents of Presentation
Toyota & Tylenol Problem
Building Effective Teams
Managing Conflict
Solving the Problem
Leading Positive Change
Conclusion Yoshimi Inaba, President & COO of Toyota Motor North America Problem "Toyota Way"
genchi genbutsu
Building Effective Teams Leading Positive Change Solving the Problem Managing Conflict Basically,
"Toyota needs a Tylenol." "Toyota put their normal slow & steady growth rate which has given them their name of having quality cars, behind them. This then put cost reduction pressures on the company ..."
“Johnson & Johnson focused on protecting the public’s safety at all costs and not the focus on the impact of the negative news” Opportunity to stop production & correct the problem
Total disregard
Openned up question & exposure
Did not issue an apology
Needed to build an effective team by having team development, leadership, & credibility

Created a recovery team
James Burke, head of the management team
Issued an apology
Discarded all the capsules in stock to be replaced by tablets
Created kid safety seal
Able to fulfill their promises Larry Foster James Burke David R. Clare Thank you!
Any questions or comments? Forming
Performing Broken Management Systems No "Quick Fix" Tylenol Toyota Creative Problem Solving
Investment Tylenol Toyota Analytical Problem Solving
Define Problem
Generate Alternatives
Evaluate Alternatives
Implement a solution versus
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