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comparing ordinary cars from unique cars to show how diffrent disigns change from society

jose yax

on 30 April 2010

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CHANGES THROUGH TIME THE 1970'S My photo essay is based on how cars,places and things have had big changes to them. TO 2010 Now finaly scientists have made technology better than before, now the mustang has a variety of features like Electronic power assist steering, voice-activated navigation system, and a rearview camera. VEHICLES THE TELEVISION 1980 TO 2010 During the 1980s televisions hadn't been introduced to Blu-Ray, digital sound and digital screens but T.V.s back then still had color and sound and where still effecient. The popularity of the T.V. went up because of how popular television shows that were aired like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Dragon Ball Z, and Saved by the bell. Now Televisions are slimir, have better sound and picture. People now use a television almost for everyday uses. The television is still popular today, some of the popular shows are Lost, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, and CSI (Miami, NY, etc). McDonalds The whole entire mustang back then was surely not as good as now. In 1970s there wasn't a lot of technology so all the cars were not secured, agile, and surely not good for the environment. TO 1950 2010 McDonalds was first created in April 15 1955 by Dick and Mac McDonald in Des plains, Illinois . The first McDonalds wasn't really a lot it was just a plain restaurant with a drive thru. Did you know that Ronald wasn't the McDonalds first mascot? Well actually McDonalds first mascot was a guy with a chef hat on top of his head and his name was speedee. Now McDonalds is world-wide every place has to have McDonalds. Now McDonalds isn't as plain as it use to be now it's bigger, new products have been introduced, there’s sometimes even playgrounds for little kids, and new mascots. Movies 1960 TO 2010 1960 movies had not to shabby effects, really good actors, but there was no color only boring black and white. But i guess back then that was there "thing". From back then there really has been a huge change since of the new technology we have there is now better effects, still good actors, and color.
Shows TO 1990 2010 Many shows have changed, many havn't but the most thing that has changed in shows is the story line. Most of the old shows were only based on comedy. Today shows are a mixture of things like comedy, drama, horor, and action.
LIke this T.V. show The vampire Diaries a good example of a combination of drama horor and action. 2000 TO 2010 Playstation The Playstation 2 slim was invented in the year 2000. The PS2 had some difficulties like not having internet without a broadband and the wire on the controller. The PSP Go came out not too long ago but has made things even more easier. Like its Wi-fi, controller keypad, and smaller to be takken anywhere. T H A N K YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY P R E E E Z I
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