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Draft 2: The Pericles Project: Education (Educator)

No description

Spencer Wilcox

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Draft 2: The Pericles Project: Education (Educator)

The Pericles Project The Total Universe Of Online and Face to Face Learning Material A steady stream of great lessons that fire her mind and heart.
All in one place. Self Directed, Student-Centric, Differentiated Learning. As more people you trust give an article a higher rating,
that article earns a higher spot on your personal feed. That gives you the best 10-20% of all they read,
prioritized from “exceptional” to “good”. Total Universe of Content Top 10-20% Better than where you started, but still way too much content. So in addition to promoting great articles,
Pericles increases the influence of great recommenders for you.

So, as you rate the articles you read inside of Pericles, two things happen.

1. Your rating gives friends and other readers that trust your taste a more reliable indication of that article's quality, saving them time and guiding them to great content.

1. Your rating shows

2. Your ratings help Pericles identify how other readers' recommendations should allow Pericles to identify which other readers out there are Each article is ranked for you by:

1. the rating it earns
2. the sum influence (for you) of its recommenders. Articles that earn a spot on your feed Exceptional



Okay sum of earned influence
of recommending individuals small large very large weighted
rating As you rate these articles, your ratings: 1) identify which other readers' ratings can be trusted to help bring you great content and save you time. 2) help those that like your taste by adding another trusted opinion to their "community rating" of that article. a steady stream of great, personalized content.
All in one place. So how do we give each student the needles of this ever growing haystack, for that student? A single rating system, by definition, promotes a monolithic list of content that works for the largest, most homogeneous group of students, but alienates subgroups that learn differently. Pericles crafts personally optimized playlists for each student using the recommendations of a community of education scouts custom assembled for that student. 1. Education Scouts = Teachers, and peers that earn influence over what makes it on the student's playlist, on a subject by subject basis, as they create or recommend content that really engages the student and/or helps him or her succeed above previous trend. Originally composed of trusted teachers and friends the student manually follows, the student's custom community grows and improves with every lesson he or she rates, The community's continuously growing size enables a lot of content to be examined. Its earned influence ensures that the best for your student naturally rises to the top. Dear Teacher, Dear Student,

You are unique and have great potential.

Pericles helps you reach that potential by:
Lining you up with the best online and face to face learning opportunities for you.
Connecting you with a community of students whose interests and learning styles are similar so that you can study together and collaborate on projects - a.k.a. get a break from laptop screens that also accelerates your learning.
Helping you to discover yourself by revealing your learning style.

All the best,

- Pericles

P.S. It's easy. My 57 year old, tech hating mom knows how to use it. How? No one person has the time or knowledge of all the content to craft such lists for all students. Made Easy. Getting Started Clicking the Pericles Bookmark launches this bar to enable easy sharing from any website. Tag with subject and standard The top 5 curricula items for you in the standard you're working on. Your Community: Teachers and peers whose interests and learning styles are most like your own. (we can tweak this as you guys figure out how you want to organize content) Students analyze, synthesize and evaluate as they rate and comment on the material. Introduction slide
"Our transition plan to optimized teaching and learning"
with pictures of angry kids and then moving to happy kids, and teachers. Worry, anger, hate, and fear Joy,
satisfaction Teachers and students quickly share learning material (articles, videos, projects, etc.) into Pericles. 1. 2. Long lists of options leave each student to search for them, increasing frustration and subpar outcomes. Pericles gives each other student the most personally optimized, differentiated, engaging playlist possible for that student. 1 The current interface for the news application
(to be adopted for the student interface) Content preview:
Appears with mouseover.
Gives brief preview.
Lists ratings and comments of your top scouts. Teachers can assign content to specific students' inboxes by tagging them in the comments. Their inbox alerts them to: content teachers have assigned for them, upvotes or responses their peers have given to their comments, peers that have given positive ratings to content they have shared. Break for questions
continue to see the demo. Found on the student's profile, the "Highest Quality" column shows the teacher what kind of content is working best for the student. Practicing Higher Cognitive Skills Learning About The Student The "Most Recent" column shows the teacher what the student has been working on and how they're faring. Additional analytics and reports can be designed. Teachers' Concerns Playlist creation for each student Community interaction in an optimized context Differentiation and Optimization for socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, learning style, pace, passions, and interests Data-driven insight into students' trajectories Giving students content that increases intrinsic motivation rather than draining it All you need to do is dump the content you already have into Pericles. Quick and easy. Pericles: Provides a central platfrom for self-directed learning. Crafts differentiated playlists for each student with the most effective and engaging content (for that student) of all that is shared into Pericles. Shows you the learning styles, passions and interests of each of your students in every content area. Disseminates information for data driven decisions and student trajectories. Frees up time for you to focus on what you do best. All the best,

- Pericles P.S. We get your priorities. Pericles is easy to use, and agile in adapting to your changing needs. In the ever expanding universe of online learning materials, does there exist a single, *best* list of content for all students? No. Are custom tailored, *best* lists of content possible for each student? Yes. Pericles does. No one has time for the billions of things put online. We have time for a few things,
and we want them to make our lives better. Google's patented Page Rank algorithm gave us the best objective information on the web.


It assessed each website's trustworthiness for giving or directing us to high quality objective information, and weighted their content or recommendations accordingly. Pericles' patented algorithm operates on similar principles, but it gives us the best in subjective areas. (To the degree that each student has her own interests, background, learning style, etc., education is solidly in the subjective camp.)


It assesses each user's trustworthiness for giving or directing YOU to content that you really value, and weights their content or recommendations accordingly. The result is an ever growing, ever improving network of trusted, proven scouts that are finding you the needles in the haystack. Great content, no matter how obscure its origin or how many degrees of Kevin Bacon away it is, gets concentrated into the hands of those most prepared to benefit and build on it. Google for Objective Pericles for Subjective Learning material your student may encounter online Some is highly engaging and effective This universe is growing, fast. most unfortunately isn't.
(either it isn't very good, or it's
not a good fit for the student) VS.
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