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Mission For iDa Beauty Supply Store

No description


on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Mission For iDa Beauty Supply Store

June - August (Grading Period)
Show my contributions to the business
Implement ideas to fulfill my goal
Show importance of PR in the business
3 Month Plan
Online Presence
Be consistent on all platforms
Daily stories for FB
Tweets on twitter
Pictures on instagram
Weekly blog posts on iDa Beauty Blog
Format of the store
Getting to the store on time
Uniformity in directional signs
New logo idea
Business cards (New design)
Planning Special Events (Beauty, holidays,anniversary etc. )
Increase sales of iDa
Branding. Branding.Branding
Measure Profit/ Inventory
Build and Complete E-Commerce website
Find the right platform
Amazon sales
Stay on top of purchase requests
Square market setup

Bottom line: Give consumers more than one way to reach you
Increase Sales
Sales & Visibility
Mission For iDa Beauty Supply Store
Business expenses
Cost of goods
Price sold
Complete inventory of store
Update done every time new order come sin
How do we measure success?
Payment/ What I need
Thank You
Standard Repayment Plan- No less than $50/ month (10 years)
Starts in November
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