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UBS Family Office Circle

Tesla Presentation

Jochen Rudat

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of UBS Family Office Circle

8 Employees 1 barrel oil (ca. 160 l) = +/-100 USD = Yearly energy of 12 workers!
Oil developed in 2 phases of global warming, 90 & 150 Mio. years ago, we use it in 100-200 years
Oil Peak reached (source: Energy Watch Group - point in time when the max. rate of global petroleum extraction reached, after the rate of production enters terminal decline) Torque / Performance Low maintenance +
service everywhere Only sports car powered by
wind, water & sun energy Own network Efficiency degree of ca. 90% Company Description “Die Zukunft gehoert dem Elektrofahrzeug”
Martin Winterkorn (CEO VW) “[E-Mobile] Das ist die Zukunft schlechthin”
Thomas Weber (Daimler Entwicklungsvorstand) - Founded in 2003
- Headquarters: Palo Alto, Ca.
- E-car manufacturer & retailer
- End customers & OEM
- Over 2'400 Tesla Roadsters delivered
(+20 million collective kilometers)
- On the road in 31 countries
- 26 stores worldwide, more to come
- Over 2'400 employees Elon Musk
Born: 1971 (RSA)
Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Economics
1995 to 1999: Zip2
1999 to 2002: PayPal (X.com)

2002: SpaceX (CEO, CTO)
2004: Tesla Motors (CEO)
2006: Solar City (Chairman of the board) Tesla’s ultimate goal is to inspire change. To inspire customers toward efficient energy use in transportation, to inspire nations to be accountable for our environment, and to inspire other manufacturers toward the advancement of electric vehicle (EV) technology. VISION 2003: founded by Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, Ian Wright, Elon Musk, JB Straubel

2006: first Prototype

2008: first Delivery US

2009: first Delivery Europe

2010: IPO @ Nasdaq

2010: Acquiring of Toyota Factory

2010: Partnerships: Daimler, Toyota, Panasonic

2011: Model S Beta Release

2012: Model S Deliveries in US History Key Personnel Elon Musk
CEO JB Straubel
CTO Franz von Holzhausen
Chief Designer George Blankenship
VP Sales & Ownership Tesla Positioning USP's The Reason Why Ambassadors Swiss Story Leonardo di Caprio Matt Damon Dusti Hoffmann George Clooney Local Ambassadors +140 Roadsters delivered Store Opening June 2010 One-man-show @ Dolder! Salon Geneva 2010 vs. Salon Geneva 2011 START GROWTH Jochen Rudat (Country Manager CH+AT) UBS Family Office Circle
29th August 2012 torque low maintenance +
service everywhere only sports car powered by
wind, water & sun energy own network efficiency degree of ca. 90% USP's Highest range
340 km RWE (FIVE)
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