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Effective Online Course Design

No description

Glenda Dyck

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of Effective Online Course Design

Online Lesson Creation
The online "classroom" is a very different environment from the traditional classroom.

•Online classroom activities and content differs from the traditional classroom environment

•What can be done in a classroom can't always be replicated online, and vice-versa

The use of Information Communications Technologies (ICT) in the online environment provides an opportunity to:

•differentiate instruction
•individualize both instruction and assessment
•enable multiple representations of content
•provide flexibility
•cater for different learning styles
•foster engagement
Course Content
Learning materials should be:

relevant to the philosophy, goals, and learning outcomes of the curriculum;
use of a variety of media presentation modes;
accurate, current and, where appropriate, reflect a diversity of learning approaches;
suitable for online environments and accessible from commonly used hardware and software;
designed for ease of use, simplicity of layout, durability and accessibility.
Course Design
Learning materials should:

favor activity over text or lecture;
support group and individual learning;
promote an applied approach to learning;
activate the learner's prior knowledge;
encourage learners to develop critical thinking skills;
offer choice and flexibility as appropriate to meet individual learning styles and interests;
promote attention and engage the learner;
provide adequate instructor direction and support.
Best practices in Moodle Course Design from Michelle Moore
* use more then 3 font styles per page
* use the course page for content
* be afraid of white space
"scroll of death"
* overdo activity names
* overdo the conditional activities
* maintain consistency
* use step by step processes and labels
* use images to enhance your course
* give learners completion tracking
* let students participate and collaborate
* build in group work and communication
Course Layout
For Effective Structure and Navigation

Minimize 'Scroll of Death'

Use the 'thirds' rule when presenting
two-thirds content; one-third
blank space
For Effective Presentation of Information

Use the journalism model of the 'inverted pyramid' -
important information at the top
Screen resolution 800 x 600;
use %
to designate width in a table (e.g. 75%)
rather than pixels
Information should be presented in
manageable 'chunks'
and grouped in logical groupings
unit material clearly and carefully
To organize an instructional unit so the learner can read and review the content in a short time while taking advantage of any links, graphics, or animations
Some suggestions to minimize incompatibilities:

Chrome OR Firefox
(Moodle has compatibility
issues with Safari & Internet Explorer)
Developers Backpack
Screen Capture Software
Audio Recording Software
Google Docs
Zoho Productivity Suite
Quiz Creation Software
Video Creation Tools

Moviestorm is the complete package for creating animated movies - easy to use for novices and fully-featured for advanced moviemakers - trial only
imovie/GarageBand - only for Macs
Xtranormal - Text to Movie software
GoAnimate - free, easy to use video creation tool
An Example at....
Web Browsers
Text & Other Resources
use online applications ("in the cloud"): Google Docs, Zoho
Convert WORD documents to .pdf .txt OR .rtf format for text documents
use .pdf forms for students to fill in information and re-upload to assessment.
download and use Open Office
convert PowerPoint to Flash [use iSpring - free plugin for MS PowerPoint]
Moodle Message system
Moodle internal email
Effective Online
Course Design

Presented By: Todd Diakow
Topics Covered
* Course Content
* Course Design
* Do's & Don'ts
* Course Layout
* Standardization
* Communication
* Developers' Backback
* Examples from AVS
only when they lend meaning and clarification to the topic

all key words, phrases, and/or concepts within the instructional unit to some type of glossary or reference

Keep in mind that

clear navigation
will help the learner feel in control, avoiding distractions and frustrations with the course materials
Guiding Principles:
1. Don't Replicate the Classroom

2. Utilize Constructivist Principles of Design

3. Incorporate the Community of Learning Model

4. Utilize Mastery-Based Learning & Assessment
With you, and with each other
AVS Audio Recorder
WavePad Audio Editor
Hot Potato Quiz
Jing -
Cam studio -
records screen and audio activity
Captivate - provincial licensing agreement
Quick Poll -
And create collaboration
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