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Sarah Race

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of allIN

'the ability to access the Web will be either a great divider or a great equaliser'
- Tim Berners-Lee 1997
Modern Class Divide
Digital exclusion has become the 21st century class divide, precluding people from financial, career, social & a myriad of other opportunities. The gap is deepening rather than widening as more government, banking & retail services go online & decrease their offline presence
What's (not) going on?
In Australia today 1 in 5 people have never accessed the internet & nearly 2 million households do not have an internet connection;. A 2012 WIP (World Internet Project) survey on Australia's online habits showed that internet access is directly linked to income; almost four in 10 households earning less than $30,000 a year said they couldn't afford home broadband. These households were also found to be less likely to access government services or material online & regard the internet as a frustrating piece of technology.
The Digital Divide in Australia
So what's the plan?
Mobile Digital Training
all/IN will provide mobile digital training to community groups, clubs or any interested organisation, to teach digital literacy. Using tablets & mobile broadband the training can be offered wherever suits the organisation. This training will be paid for by the individuals, organisations or funded through government programs. The training will cost $45pp for 1.5hrs, a competitive rate.
all/IN's goal is to not only increase
digital literacy & participation, but also
digital excellence
as defined by The City of Chicago,
'universal, meaningful, participation in technology'
1 trainer
10 tablets
mobile broadband
all/IN will develop a training program that:
teaches tablet basics
teaches digital literacy
empowers people to use technology like a 'digital native'
allows time for people to ask the 'dumb' questions without them feeling dumb
all/IN intends to partner with an organisation that already have developed, or is developing, suitable software
With the profits from the mobile digital training, all/IN will train over 1 school term, with the aim to digitally empower, single parents & equip them with a digital tablet & mobile broadband, that will be theirs to keep once they have completed the training
Digital Power!
all/IN aims to partner with local councils to best meet community needs.
all/IN is currently working with Moonee Valley Council to develop a pilot program. Moonee Valley Council covers an economically & culturally diverse area with an aging population & over 4000 single parent families. The Council is adopting more e-services & will need the community to be digitally literate for a universally beneficial outcome
Pilot Program
Understanding the market
Start up requirements
Train the trainer course = $1700
Research and plan course = $2000
11 tablets = iPads $6000 (possibility to be sponsored)
OR = ubislates $550 (+ shipping)
Tablet heavy duty cases = $165
Mobile Broadband = options to be reviewed.
Marketing = $500
Office Misc = $500.
Business set up costs = $1000
Break even workings...
Social Enterprise -
Single parent training

2hrs tuition x 12wks = $864
iPad = $539
Mobile Broadband for 2 years (8G Telstra plan) = $1200
Total to train and equip = $2603
How do we get there?
Adult Education - eg CAE
Government Initiatives - eg Broadband for Seniors Kiosks
Community run programs - eg Neighbourhood Houses
Commercial offerings - eg Apple's free workshops
Online - however for those not confident with the digital world this is not realistically an option

Expenses (weekly)
Wages 16hrs @$36 = $576
on costs (27% wages) = $155.52
car/fuel = $50
Mobile Broadband = $75
Insurance = $38
Office expenses= $20
Mobile Phone = $20
Income - 6 full Mobile Digital Training
classes per week = $2700
Gross Profit =
Break even - year 1
Guesstimated startup Costs (without any sponsorship/funding)
With iPads - almost $11000
With ubislates - about $5500
Total Expenses - $934.52
makes all/IN competitive, enabling people to learn where they're comfortable and with their peers
Headline figures
Startup costs - $11000 (iPads)
Weekly gross profit = $1765.48
Start up costs recovered in about 6 weeks
2 weeks of operation = 1 single parent package

all/IN proudly brought to you by....
Sarah Race

Grew up in Melbourne
Completed Uni in Brisbane ( BA (history & politics) @ UQ)
Between 1997 - 2002 traveled, lived in USA, Morocco, UK
1st grown up job at 28 - Electronics buyer for online store in the UK
Profession progressed to ecommerce consulting.
Married (Andrew) in 2008 & returned to Oz
Lived in Ararat 2009 - 2012, worked for local Council
Have 2 children - Nellie 3 & Pim 1
Now living in Melbourne
Took up long distance running this year for the peace & head-space
Why the Crunch?

I passionately believe that the internet is a power for good, I have a great network of mentors & peers, as well as a wide range of experiences, The Crunch will give me the guidance, & confidence, to pull these strengths together. The Crunch will also temper my natural impatience to get things done, & ensure the devil that is in the detail is paid the attention it deserves! The Crunch warm up enabled me to refine my idea into a project that is much more workable & achievable, to go through the whole process will create a Digital Inclusion tour de force!

me & my gal
So who's IN?
all/IN for Digital Inclusion
all/IN for Digital Excellence
all/IN for Digital Empowerment
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