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Jean Nicollet

A social studies project

Marlee Marlee

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Jean Nicollet

Jean Nicollet
By Marlee Background Info Birth Jean Nicollet was born in 1598.
He was born in Cherbourg,
Normandy, France by Thomas
Nicollet and Marguerite Delamer. Arrival Jean Nicollet arrived in New France
(Quebec) in 1618. He had been studying in Paris and was
20 years old. Jean had always dreamed to go to
Asia. He got a job as an interpreter. Interactions with First Nations Tribes Mission Jean was sent to live with the Algonquins, Iroquois,
and Hurons. His goal was to encourage them to trade furs with
the French. Nipissirians On a different mission, he went to live 8 or 9
years with the Nipissirians nation on Lake Huron
and Georgian Bay. With a woman of that nation, Jean had a baby
between1628 and 1633. They named their new daughter Euphrasine
Madeleine and Jean brought her back to his colony. Sea People Search When he went back to the
Huron nation as an interpreter,
he was sent to travel to the "Sea
People" nation (Winnebago) and
make peace with them and the Huron. Jean went from
Huronia... ...to the French
River... ...to Lake
Huron... ...to Sault Sainte-
Marie... ...to Lake
Superior... ...and then he found what
he was looking for...
the Winnebago nation! The Winnebago people led a boring life.
Jean Nicollet was selected the representative for
these people! Exploration After the Sea People Search Since Jean Nicollet had made peace between
the Algonquin and Winnebago people, the route
to the west was available! He returned to his colony in the summer of 1634. The French thought that if Jean“had travelled three days more on a great river off of this lake he would have found a sea similar to the Gulf of Mexico but North, & that sea might have an entrance to Japan & China.” Search and Discover In 1634, Jean went to search for fur in the wilderness. He travelled until he reached a big lake. Guess what? Winter with Algonquins Jean Nicollet had a winter with the Algonquin nation
on Allumette Island. Alumette Island is on the Ottawa River and there he
learned the Algonquin language. He helped make peace between the Algonquin and Hyroquois nations. He had a lifetime of contact with Native people. That big lake was
Lake Michigan
(a great lake)
which he had just
discovered! Death Jean Nicollet had a heroic death on November 1, 1642. His boat turned in rough waters and he drowned
going from Quebec to Sillery. He was going to save an imprisoned Iroquois
from the Huron. His body was never found and his
funeral was on October 29. Noteworthy Achievements Jean Nicollet discovered Lake
Michigan. He was called "the man who voyaged furthest
into the most remote lands. Jean Nicollet
By:Marlee LO LO LH LH Ottawa River FR L nip L nip
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