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YUHSG Technology in the Classroom & on the Web

This is an exploration of Web 2.0 tools and classroom hardware for Central

Marci Karoll

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of YUHSG Technology in the Classroom & on the Web

Something new, different, techy
A short list of the many the Web 2.0
& Classroom Tech Tools
Tools and Social Media for Educators
Audi Hecht - Directed Learning
Abby Freundlich - Independent Research & Writing
Leah Segal - Video Physics
Lynda Smith - Recording Health Information
Shulamith Biderman - Regents Lab Clothespin Test
It's not just about technology itself.....
It's about unleashing the powers....
Audi Hecht - Election Day Voting with Poll Everywhere
Judi Tiger and Elana Rand - Prezi's with Pride and Prejudice
Shelly Anziska - Blogging on SchoolWorld
Naomi Bennun -
Georgia Cohen - Video Series
Just Some of Our Achievements

21st Century Learning through
Project Based Learning,
Blended Learning
& Lesson Management Tools
Project Based Learning
CHARGE: Add one project based learning opportunity using 21st century tools to your lesson plans for 2013-14 school year

Identify Learning Goals
Research Ideas
Select 21st Century Tools
Create Project Lesson
Develop Rubric
Review and Critique
Blended Learning
Use teacher created material available online
Use professional material in alignment with curricular materials and/or standardized tests
Kahn Academy, TeacherTube, and Flipped Learning and others
Recording lessons and posting for student review
Learning Management Systems
Anytime access to classroom material
Student grades
Download and upload files, less printing
Chat and discussion boards
Assessments with auto-grading
Direct teacher and classmates contact
Students are familiar with tools
Readily available parent information
course curriculum
classroom calendar
monitor student progress
Organizational Tool
Re-useable learning objects
Source: Edutopia

Develops knowledge-based skills for a highly technological society
Enables active learning & complex problem solving
Offers exposure to fundamentals and 21st century skills
Gives students the ability to direct and manage their learning process, guided and mentored by skilled teachers
Improves personal learning skills
Personalized learning/differentiated learning
Enhanced student engagement
Greater flexibility with anytime, anywhere access
Student time management and motivation
Lower levels of socialization
Time consuming (the first year)
Organize curriculum
Identify learning goals
Research & identify learning tools and techniques
Select LMS
Post materials and assignments
Manage System

CHARGE: Implement a Learning Management System for at least one class for the 2013-14 school year
New Media Library
Lights, Camera, Action!
Hardware and Software
New Media
New Research Databases
New Software Tools
Active Learning Opportunities during and after school
21st Century Learning
independent and collaborative learning
State of the Art Technology
Creative Expression
Research and Exploration
Further their engagement
Deepen their understanding
Betty York - Algebraic Prezi's
What Now?
Summer planning
Rethink and restructure

Charge: Add a component of blended learning to a 2013-14 class
that students bring with them into the classroom!
"A formal education program in which a student learns – at least in part – through online delivery of instruction and content, with some element of student control over time, place, path and/or pace." - Clayton Christensen Institute
Central Online Institute
Electives for Juniors
Graphic Design and Web Design
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