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Amber James

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Amber James Career Path A Geek Known as Amber Cinematographer How I See Myself In the Future I have an obsession with video games. I don't usually watch TV, but when I do, It's the Walking Dead, Avatar TLA, The Legend of Korra, and Revolution. I also spend WAY too much time on the internet and YouTube. Seriously. I got grounded once for spending too much time on my laptop. I love foreign countries and cultures, especially East Asian and European countries. I want to travel when I grow up. Random Facts: I have been writing literally since I could talk. I'm currently working on a steampunk, fantasy-esque novel and a dystopian. My music tastes vary widely, the only genres I wont listen to is a rap and country. My favorite instruments are the violin, drums, and piano, in that order. My very first memory and one of my most prized memories both involve video games. Cinematographers film people, places, and events to create stories out of them. They can make motion pictures, TV series, ads, etc. Some skills needed to become a cinematographer include ability to operate a camera, creativity, technical skills, and knowledge of equipment. Cinematographers can work anywhere, either on set or on location. Anything you see on TV that isn't animated was filmed by cinematographers. My inspiration for wanting to become a cinematographer is Devin Graham, also known as devinsupertramp, who films for his channel on YouTube. Video Game Designer Game designers write computer programs and design graphics for video games. They define how the game is played and develop rules, the setting, the story, and how it all develops. To be a game designer, you have to have a very good knowledge about technology, as well as a lot of creativity for design and art. Basically, you have to be a scientist and an artist wrapped into one package. Game designers can be promoted in their workplace, and some can even go into management and marketing jobs. Others can be self-employed and do freelance work on a contract basis. Any game, whether its a console game, handheld game, or even the downloadable gaming apps, was made by a game designer. They can come from smaller companies such as Mistwalker, or larger ones such as Nintendo. I'm still considering a few other careers, but the fields I'm most interested in are:
-Computer Science
-Space Science
-History The only two fields I will probably NEVER try for a job in are the medical and education fields. I'm also a perfectionist with OCD, but everyone already knows that.
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