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Event Planning Information for FAU RSOs

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Pam Michalski

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Event Planning Information for FAU RSOs

Event Planning Staff
Step 1: Brainstorm
What type of event are you going to have?
Step 2: Consider all the possibilities
there are for you!
Student Union rooms
Room Options
Today's Goals:
To teach you HOW to plan an event from START to FINISH
Assist with any QUESTIONS you have
Inform you of what is available as OPTIONS for rooms/equipment
Make you aware of the necessary STEPS for a successful event
Pamela Michalski
Assistant Director
Event Planning
Event Planning starts with Planning!!!
Think about the DETAILS!
No detail is too big or too small when it comes to planning
Questions to ask
Will there be costs?
Will you need security?
Will you have food?
How will you market the program?
Who do you want to come?
What type of set up do you want?
What supplies/equipment will you need?
Non-Student Union rooms
Student Union
Non-Student Union
Traditions Plaza

Free Speech
Classroom space
Alumni Center
University Theatre
Campus Recreation
Life Long Learning
Room Sets
Student Union
Non-Student Union
dry erase board
video conferencing*
LCD packages
FREE for student organizations
Do NOT assume that your venue will be able to supply all of the equipment that you will need. You will want to check with them about what they provide free of cost and what they charge for. Most often when the venue does not supply the equipment you need to contact

AV Services

Physical Plant
Audiovisual Services
*charges apply to use these services
RSO must request minimum of 3 business days prior to event
The following audiovisual equipment is available:

• PA Systems
• Document Projectors
• Data/PowerPoint Projectors
• Mobile PC carts
• DVD/VCR Combo Player
• Blueray DVD Players
Physical Plant - Work Control
Online work order request form must be completed a minimum of 7-10 days prior to the date of your event.
Equipment offered:
6 ft. tables
garbage cans
Step 3: Involve Your
Make sure they know details of every event
Let them HELP you when you are uncertain of any policies and procedure
Your advisor should play an active role in your planning process
Step 4: Requesting rooms
We ONLY accept room request forms online via Owl Central
1) Log onto Owl Central fau.edu/getinvolved
2) Choose which organization you are reserving a space for from your homepage
3) Click on "Submit an Event"
4) Fill out event form completely and submit it
*the primary contact or advisor must give you access to request rooms via Owl Central
Reserving Outdoor Space
Availability: 10am-2pm M-F
Reserved on Owl Central under Campus Link dropdown list
Max of 2 tables (except special events)
NO amplified sound
Donations and Food require the same procedures in the Breezeway as anywhere else (food waiver/fundraising form)
To request multiple days you only need to submit once and list each day (for current month) = 1 submission, not 5 different requests
Free Speech Lawn/
SO Rotunda
Reserved online http://www.fau.edu/studentunion/forms/lawn-use.php
We will request the tables and chairs as indicated on request
NO amplified sound
Traditions Plaza
Reserved on Owl Central
Equipment Available
portable PA system with
tables and chairs (from physical plant)

*sound equipment and stage must be picked up from UN 203 with ID
**ONLY outdoor location to permit amplified sound and ONLY between 12pm-1pm
Reserving non-union rooms
*FREE for registered student organizations
Other things to consider:
Alcohol Policy
Requires a form to be filled out on Owl Central as part of the room request and a meeting with Student Involvement
Alcohol registration form found online
Submit to UN 203 15 business days prior to event
Media Relations must be notified when an outside media agency or government official is attending an event

Coverage is determined by FAU police.
Police: $35-50/hr, minimum of 4 hrs
CSC - private security: $16.50-26.50/hr
Wands: $25/ea
Events with critical risk factors may require security

concert/dance/probate/come out show
event takes place after 11pm
cash is being exchanged
events with 80 people or more*
events open to the general public
FAU has a contract with Chartwells to provide all catering and food service needs on campus
Chartwells has the right of first refusal. Food from elsewhere must be on the approved vendors list and be approved with a Food Waiver
Donations: a donation letter from the outside vendor will be required and a Chartwells comparison quote
Co-Sponsorship Policy
-when a registered student organization teams up with an external/department organization to host an event
Certain charges will apply for all co-sponsored events
The advisor on record for the student organization must be involved in all meetings related to the event, sign paperwork/contracts, and attend the event
15-50% of the attendees must be FAU students to be considered a co-sponsorship
Members of both parties must be present during planning, event, clean-up, and meetings to avoid FRONTING
Your event must be approved before you can advertise your event.
All advertisements must include the ADA statement found on the flyer approval form.
Movie Rights
Request Form
Submit form 2 business days prior to the event to UN 203, cannot be guaranteed
Your advisor's signature is required if the date, time, and/or location is changing or if it's being cancelled
Possible changes include: equipment, date, time, location
No Show: equivalent to a cancellation less than 2 business days before event
1st no show: receive a written
2nd no show: reservation
for 14 days
3rd no show: reservation
for semester
Step 6: Leading to
the Day of your event
Follow up with:
Arrive early to test equipment
Use the Set Up time to prepare the room for your event
We assign a minimum of 30 minutes but you can request for more time
Fees vary depending a number of factors(ie. # of attendees)
When other charges may apply:
If >50% of attendees are non-FAU students, you will be charged at the department/external rate
Words of Wisdom
Submit room requests via Owl Central as soon as the Union begins accepting them (about 2 months before the end of the previous semester)
Plan in advance!
Select dates for events and meetings early in the previous semester.
*If you plan on having an event outdoors reserve an indoor rain site for back up*
First speak to the venue to reserve the room*
Finish by submitting the event request via OWl Central and mark off that you have prior approval to use the venue
Classroom capacities are between 20 to 295 people
Nations MPR
• Banquet: Can seat up to 100
Housing Lawn and BBQ Pits
Types of events held at this location: BBQ, Come Out Shows, Carnivals, Sports Competitions
Housing will review requests on Owl Central
The Burrow Bar & Grill
*Free to reserve for registered student organizations. Charges will apply to rent the space if the event is closed to the public.
• Capacity of the space is 120
*Free to reserve for registered student organizations
Types of events held at this venue: concerts, come out shows
University Theatre
*Charges may apply. Please contact the venue administrator.
• Types of events held at this venue are lectures and conferences, theatrical shows
• Capacity of the space is 530 seats
• Reserved by visiting building 9, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters room 164
Athletic Areas
*Charges may apply. Please contact the venue administrator for more details.
Types of events held at this venue are lectures, banquets, pool parties
Campus Rec will review requests on Owl Central
Track & Field
Tennis Courts
Lap & Leisure Pool
Barry and Florence Friedberg
Lifelong Learning Auditorium
*Charges apply. Please contact the venue administrator for more details.
Types of events held at this venue are lectures, conferences, performances
Lecture: 500 seats
A/V Equipment can be rented
Reserved by visiting building 31D, Life Long Learning Center room 213 & on Owl Central
Marleen & Harold Forkas
Alumni Center
*Charges apply. Please contact the venue administrator.
Types of events held at this venue are conferences, lectures, and banquets

Lecture: Can hold up to 130

Banquet: Can hold up to 110

Reserved by visiting building 94, Marleen & Harold Forkas Alumni Center room 205
Number of Attendees
Events with:
0-15% non FAU students will not be charged
*certain conditions apply
15-50% non FAU students will be charged as a co-sponsorship

>50% non FAU students will be charged as department/external
All flyers must be approved and stamped by the Event Planning Office room 203 to post in the Union.
You must obtain a Public Performance License to show a movie prior your event
Firms that handle these licenses include:
Criterion Pictures
Motion Picture Licensing Corporation
Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.
Read the EMS confirmation e-mail thoroughly to check that everything is correct
A/V Equipment
Reserved by visiting building 9, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters room 164
This is an outdoor location
Indoor Basketball
All events must be registered through our office via Owl Central
*Palmetto only, specific details
M-Th 8am-10pm, F 8am-5pm
Request 10 business days in advance
Video Conference Requests
*Room vacant 1 hour into the reservation time = No Show

Be on time.
Critical risk factors that
REQUIRE police:
Jessica Lock from The Noun Project
Benoît Champy from The Noun Project
Step 5: Follow up with details
movie rights
caterer/food waiver
setup details
security payments
cancellation/change form
To post in resident halls, Union AND Housing stamps are required
Event Planning
Your advisor will need to review the request on Owl Central before it can be confirmed
Search "FAU Food Waiver" for application and reference guide
The Union will submit the Work Order on your behalf but you must let us know a minimum of 10 business days in advance.
Change notifications on Owl Central to e-mail you when a comment is posted and reply on the request page, not to the e-mail.
*Some classrooms require prior approval. i.e. Engineering East and West, College of Medicine, College of Nursing. These will need to be emailed to
*You will need to set up the room yourself
• Types of events held at this venue: live music, karaoke, comedy shows, movies, watch parties
• Reservations are reviewed on Owl Central by Business Services located by Starbucks. Bldg 8W, rm 124A
• Built in PA and projector
• Bar/Grill Appetizers/Meals/Beverages are offered
• Housing will review requests on Owl Central
• A/V equipment can be rented through A/V Services

Types of events held at this location: conferences, lectures, banquets
• Lecture: Can hold up to 110
• Limited tables and chairs are provided
Reviewed on Owl Central by the Student Union
A/V Equipment can be rented through A/V Services
Department: Office of the Registrar
Types of events held at these locations: general meetings, conferences, presentations
William Coleman
* It is up to the Event Planning office to assign a room that best suits your needs.
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