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Enrique's Journey

No description

stephie victome

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Enrique's Journey

Enrique's Journey
Stephie Victome

1. The scenario from the novel with the obstacle your character faces
I choose when Enrique realizes that his mother abandoned him to go to another country.
2. A comparison of the obstacle to at least two real-world examples of someone facing a similar obstacle. These comparisons can be something you have encountered, another book, a poem, a song, a scene you watched in a film, etc.
The obstacle that Enrique faces is similar to my dad because my grandpa died this year (my father's dad) and my dad sometimes still has a problem accepting it and letting it go.
Another similar scenario I would have to say is from the movie Red Dawn when the father is shot in front of his two sons. I used this movie because i feel as this is the point in the story where the two sons have to act like real men and man up kind of how Enrique has to do to find his mother.
3. A title, graphic, or picture that represents the obstacle and how it was defeated
I used this picture to see the exhaustion on his face to tell he's tired but not giving up. So he hasn't fully won his battle yet.
4. A clear explanation of the obstacle and how the problem was overcome
Enrique realizes that his mother has abandoned him and wants to dearly find her. The obstacles in his way is that he is going into this world as in immigrant and the fact that people are always searching for immigrants makes it worst for him. He has little money, food, and safety. He overcomes these obstacles with the help of people that he meets on his way.
5. A response to the sentence, "To overcome the obstacles they faced, all of these individuals…" (Include examples to support your response.)
To overcome the obstacles he faced Enrique kept his head up and pushed through. He left his country and risked his life to see his mother again who was working and trying to provide for him and his sister from far. He just had a heart of gold that told him that through the pain and sweat he would find his mother.
6. A final paragraph of 5-7 sentences that completes the sentence, "To be a survivor in life, one must…" (Reflect on the qualities your character displayed in response to the obstacle, as well as the real-world examples you noted.)
To be a survivor you have to fight for what you believe in and for what's right. A survivor never looks down on people because of wealth or looks but picks them up and help them. Fighting for whats right like justice for Trayvon Martin can be a real life example. Enrique was told to go back so many times and he knew that what e was doing was risky but did that stop him? Nope, all it did was make him try harder.
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