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The Praxinoscope Project.

A project revolving around an optical device called a praxinoscope that uses plane mirrors to make a moving picture.

Emma Wright

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of The Praxinoscope Project.

The Praxinoscope. By: Emma Wright What on earth does it do? A praxinoscope is an optical device that allows you to see a virtual moving image in a mirror. How, Where, When? Inventor = Frenchman Emile Reynaud. AKA. It's an ancestor of the movie or motion picture. Created in 1877. In France.
It was based after the zoetrope where you would look through holes to see the images. What on earth does it do? The praxinoscope is an optical device that allows you to see a moving, virtual image when you look in the mirrors. AKA. An ancestor to the movie or motion picture. Who, What, When, Where? Invented by a science teacher, Emile Reynaud, in Paris. Created in 1877. An improved zoetrope. Zoetrope. Zoetrope Ancestor. The zoetrope also allowed you to see a moving picture but the picture was a little distorted and sometimes too dark to see clearly. The praxinoscope fixes this problem with mirrors. It allows more light to enter and the mirrors allow a clearer picture to be presented. The Theatre Optique. Improvement on the praxinoscope. Used a lantern and painted glass plates. Projected a moving image on a screen. Had more images so the picture would be longer. Popularity. The praxinoscope became very popular in France. The first device to eliminate picture distortion from looking through slits. Praxinoscope Zoetrope Popularity. It was very popular in France. Won a lot of recognition in events of that time. But was soon overshadowed by the Lumiere brothers' invention, the cinematograph. Cinematograph. Mirrors Picture Eye. Picture Light ray Praxinoscope Ray Diagram. My Praxinoscopes. I made two different praxinoscopes. One, my first one, I tried to make small and portable but; It spun too fast.
Had too many pictures or too little mirrors.
Easily wobbled.
The pictures were not changed enough to see a difference.
Funny squeaky noise. What I needed to Change. # of mirrors = # of pictures. Wobbling = Distorted pictures. Hand controlled spin speed is best. Simple and yet easily changeable pictures. My second praxinoscope. Larger size, about the average.
Hand controlled speed.
# of pictures = # of mirrors.
Simple pictures. No squeaky noise. 1st Praxinoscope. It also has interchangeable pictures. Picture is of a stick man waving. Portable 1st Praxinoscope 2nd Praxinoscope Average size Picture of a light ray's path in the praxinoscope.
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