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Physical Geography

No description

Emma H

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Physical Geography

Physical Geography Bodies of water in South America Tsunamis and other
Natural Disasters Forests and jungles run along the Amazon river, where some of the tapirs live. Amazon River Atlantic Ocean The different types of mountains
That can be found in the Grand
Canyon Tornadoes, hurricanes,volcanoes,
earthquakes, tsunamis,
floods and droughts. Tsunamis form
about six times a century. http://www.mbarron.net/Amazon/factfile.htm http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/41191/Atlantic-Ocean Bodies of water How Mountains Form Bodies of water in South America Different Types of Mountains The Area Near Bodies Of Water Lake Titicaca http://www.discover-peru.org/lake-titicaca-facts/ Tsunamis
and other natural disaster The biggest body of water is the Atlantic Ocean Lochsa Type Lost River Laramie Type How mountains
form the biggest fresh water lake is lake superior. Banff Tsunamis and other natural disasters Bodies of water Yampa Type hi 123456789
123456789 erosion mountains underwater plate tectonics How they move
When they move By: Emma Hjelle, Harlie Zimmermin, Richey Triplett, Jaxon Klitzka, and Sam Lyon. By Jaxon klitzka Richey Triplett
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