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Civil War soldiers

The fight between brothers.

Christian Stauffer

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Civil War soldiers

Civil War soldiers During the Civil War many families were split... The Civil War was... The bloodiest war in American history This is very true yet it was our only WAR that was fought against eachother. A war fought by the North (the Union) versus the South (the Confederacy). Even now there has not been a bloodier war in the U.S. Mainly fought to stop slavery some family members would fight for the North... More than 620,000 soldiers died in the war The That's more than two percent of the population. More than three million men fought in the Civil war. and some fought for the South. In the Civil war period there was 3,950,528
slaves in America. Compare that to the 393,975 slave holders.
There were many Generals in charge during the war. Here are a few that you may or may not know. General Ulysses S. Grant General Meade was in command in the battle of Gettysburg. This battle took place only three days after he was put in command. He fought against the confederate general Robert E. Lee and won. General Grant was a highly credited general. He fought in many great battles such as the battles of Vicksburg and Chattanooga and in the battle of Shiloh President Lincoln came to his aid. General Lee was a confederate general who brought some significant wins to the south.He fought and won at Richmond and Antietam. General Longstreet demonstrated great leadership for the Confederacy. He fought in such battles as Second Bull Run and Fredericksburg, in which he won. Many think though that he was unfit for the battle of Gettysburg and that he couldn't attack. Amazingly all of these great generals went to the same school. They went to West Point. West Point during the late 1800's Thank you for watching Created by: Christian
Stauffer General George G. Meade General Robert E. Lee General James Longstreet The Union The Union The Confederacy The Confederacy
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