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French Language in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of French Language in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

French Language in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Why Do the People Speak French?
-It is a former Belgian colony. At the time of colonization, French was the preferred language of the government and the most prolific language in Belgium
-Today it is still one of their official languages.


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The French Language
-The French Language spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has many similarities with Belgian French. This is because the French Language was introduced to the country in its colonial period when it was under Belgian rule.

Why has French Stayed?
-French has remained one of the main languages of the country because it was widely spoken around the educated groups.
-The area known as Democratic Republic of the Congo came under French sovereignty in the late 1880's.
-Treaties were secured with all the main local rulers, placing their lands under French protection.
-After the September 1958 general vote approving the new French Constitution, French Equatorial Africa was dissolved.
-Middle Congo was renamed the Congo Republic. Independence was granted in August 1960

Thank You!!
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