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Anthem Characters and their meanings

No description

Abby England

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Anthem Characters and their meanings

Anthem Characters and their meanings
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The name Equality in "Anthem" is ironic. Equality is used to say that everyone is equal. However, Equality gets his name because he is not equal to everyone else. He is smarter than the rest. Rand chose the name Equality to emphasize the importance of the word and meaning of equal to the story. Equality, the main character, adds meaning to the story because without him the book would not have been the same. He grows throughout the book to show readers how much society has hid from the citizens.
The meaning of the character Collective is important. Collective represents all the scholars as a collective whole. The author chose the name Collective to show that the scholars all come together as a group and become one while making decisions. He is important to the story because he represents all the evil behind the World Council. Without him, readers could not see the hate and fear towards someone (Equality) who breaks the laws.
The word Solidarity means unity and agreement of a common interest. In the book "Anthem", Solidarity's name means the agreement and unity behind the rulers of the society. Rand uses this word as a name because readers can tell the rulers of the society are always together and agree on things. Because of those rules they make as a group, the reader can see the torture and harshness of the society. Solidarity is important to the book because he screams at night, but the doctors cannot cure him. He seems happy and content with himself during the day, but at night he fears for his life without knowing. This shows readers how harsh the society is and the impact on the citizens without them realizing it.
Usually the word International means more than one nation coming together to do something. However, in "Anthem" its used to show more than one person coming together to do something. The author chose International as a name for a character because The World Council comes together from everywhere and decides on how things should be. International as a character plays a significant role in the book. He is afraid of breaking the law but still follows Equality into the secret tunnel. He does not betray Equality by telling others and the Council about Equality's tunnel and love for Liberty. Therefore, readers learn valuable information from International. He displays loyalty and friendship. It still exists in the citizens' heart and soul but they are too afraid of the Council to show it.
The Golden One
The Golden One becomes the nickname Equality gives to Liberty. The nickname The Golden One has a meaning behind it. She is the only female figure in Equality's life that means something to him. She shines brighter than any girl. Therefore, she is "golden" to him. Ayn Rand chose The Golden One to emphasize the passionate relationship between her and Equality which contributes to the whole idea of the story. Their relationship is against the rules of society. Without The Golden One, the story would not see passion and love. Equality has a deep love for her and that is what leads him to follow his heart and find the truth of the past.
Union is used in the book as a name because it shows the Union between the people in The World Council. Ayn Rand uses this name to show that the people of the council all work together as a union and torture the people in a way they are not aware of. He is used in the book as a person to show that characteristics of the past are still inside of people, but they are just unaware. They fear the society, but cannot come forward with their fear due to the punishments.
Fraternity means a group of people joined by similar backgrounds, occupations, interests, or tastes. Rand uses this name in the book because that is what the citizens are in the society, a fraternity. They are forced to join together to do the same things and not have individuality. Fraternity is important as a character because he cries for an unknown reason. Just like Solidarity, he shows fear with an unknown explanation. Readers find out that this fear is of the society and their punishments. Fraternity is also used to show how the rules of the World Council mentally break the citizens down.
The Transgressor
The Transgressor is the person in "Anthem" who spoke the unspeakable word. A transgressor is one who breaks the law or commits a sin. Rand chose The Transgressor as the name for this character because he committed a crime by speaking the unspeakable word and is put to death for it. He is important to the story because his actions show readers just how serious the Council takes their rules and how brutal the punishments are. Furthermore, he is important because right before he dies he looks into Equality's eyes as if he wants Equality to search and find the unspeakable word. Because of The Transgressor, Equality gets his motivation to find the word and uncover the past.
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