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Rolling Stones Paint it Black

Music work that analyses the song from the Rolling Stones.

Ewout Kessels

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Rolling Stones Paint it Black

The Roling stones Paint it black Band members: Structure the song exists out of:
-intro (5 bars)
-verse 1 (4 bars)
-verse 2 (4 bars)
-verse 1 (4 bars)
-verse 2 (4 bars)
-verse 1 (" ")
-verse 2 (" ")
-bridge (" ")
-verse 2 (" ")
-verse 1 (" ")
-verse 2 (" ")
-humming (12 bars) 1. analysis Mick Jagger – 26-07-1943
Brian Jones – 28-02-1942/03-07-1969
Keith Richards – 18-12-1943
Bill Wyman – 24-10-1936
Charlie Watts – 02-06-41
Jack Nitzsche –22-04-37/25-08-2000 the song is seemingly about a man mourning his dead girlfriend. More literally, it is about using the visual trick of painting everything black in the mind's eye description song: instruments:
- organ
-background vocals
- electric and acoustic guitar mini biography:
the 3 most famous songs from the rolling stones were: Time is on my side, It's all over now and (i can't get no) Satisfaction. in that time the Rolling Stones are like the Black Eyed Pease in present days. Famous, succesful and very rich. The Rolling stones were the first ones to use non-traditional instruments in their bands like a sitar or a slide guitar this way the music changed so nowdays other bands also use non-usual instruments the end!
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