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Future First Mentor Training

No description

Laura Mangan

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Future First Mentor Training

You will be matched to a mentee
Someone who is currently attending your old school/college
You will be there to support them with their current school/college life and making decisions about their future
You will communicate with your mentee weekly via an online platform full of resources and activities
What's it all about?
Future First helps schools and colleges harness the experiences and skills of their former students

Who's involved
ementoring project
What the ementoring project is all about

Who’s involved

How it works

What's in it for you

Who you need to contact if you have any problems

This training video will cover the following IMPORTANT information to help you understand:

Your coordinator is the teacher at your old school or college who is organizing the scheme. They will match you to your mentee and can answer any questions you have about the project
Brightside is the online mentoring charity who look after the website
Your role as a MENTOR
To help someone…

Build confidence
Manage problems more effectively
Develop unused or underused skills
Become better at helping themselves
Think about their future options whether that be in their career or education
What should you talk to your mentee about?
School/ college life
Study life
What they want to do next
Where they want to be in 5 years
Further/higher education
Careers they might be interested in
Make sure your mentee is asking lots of questions - as a mentor you should try and unpick even the smallest idea that your mentee might mention!

Recent activity feed


Navigation bar

VISIT HERE: www.ementoring.futurefirst.org.uk

It should look EXACTLY like this:
My messages:
mentee activities; help your mentee add to there skills by working through these interactive courses
my resources; the essential guide to careers, education and student life

What's in it for me?
Benefits of being involved:

Help someone from your old school/college
Improve your communication skills
✔ Develop people management skills
✔ Encourage and motivate others
✔ It looks great on your CV!
You need to login here; you will receive
a set of login details prior to the project
launch date.
Writing messages: There are two ways to do this
Login to the site and click:
After you’ve logged in for the first time, you can then reply from your registered email
Messages still pass through moderation on the site and no email addresses are shared
Don't forget to log in for the great resources and activities

Through your registered email address

Via your registered email address
Reply as if replying to normal email

Uses scrambled email addresses
and display names only

The relationship with your mentee is confidential, except where you are concerned for your mentee's safety
If you are concerned about any messages you recieve, contact your coordinator immediately
All communication on the mentoring website is monitored and moderated by Future First and your coordinator

You should know

Don’t give your email address or phone number to your mentee
Don’t meet your mentee unless arranged by your coordinator
Automatic filters, designed to protect you

Stay safe

You will be given a username and password which you can use to login to the site

The site can be found at www.ementoring.futurefirst.org.uk

Once there you will be able to communicate with you mentee and we advise you send a first message to introduce yourself

Don’t forget to check out all of the online resources and activities!

Next Steps

ementoring project
Good Luck
Add thebrightsidetrust.org *and* brightsidementoring.org to the trusted domains on your safe senders list
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