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Plant and Animal Cells

what are the differant things in a plant and animal cells

Sydney B.

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Plant and Animal Cells

Plant and Animal Cells
Plant cells are different because they don't have mitochondrions.
Plant Cells
Animal Cells
This is a cow. This animal is made up of cells. Every animal are made up of cells.
The Cell Wall
8 Parts Of A Plant
The nucleolus in a plant cell makes the ribosomes.
It combines with proteins to form almost complete ribosomes
Ribosomes "sites" where amino acids are assembled into proteins during photosynthesis
The Cell Membrane
The membrane separates the interior of all cells from the outside environment.
The cell wall helps prevent over expansion when water enters the cell.
Parts Of A Animal Cell
Within the cells of Eukaryote (a.k.a. a cell that contains a nucleus or other structures in the membrane.) contents of the cell nucleus are separated from the cytoplasm.

The centrosome is an organelle
that serves as the main MOTC in eukaryote cells
The amyloplasts are responsible
for storing starch.
It controls growth,reproduction and metabolism.
Animal cells have mitochondrion. Mitochondrions change the food energy into a form in witch is used by the the cell to give the animal energy.
Act as the mathtenance and repair cellular components.also acts to help the old and weakened cells.
A plant has a Amyloplast. An amyloplast is responsible for storing starch.
Make protein in the cell.also repairing parts of the cell.
Microtubules act like a conveyer belt ,they move vesicles,granules, organelles and chromosomes passes through special attachment protiens.
Both cells have
nucleus's but their jobs are
This shows how the two cells are alike and or different
Changes food energy to another form in wich is used by the cell to give the animal energy.
Golgi Apparatus
Cell membrane controls what gets into the cell and what gets out and it absorbs oxygen
and nutrients to function correctly also keeps the cell safe from harmful chemicals
Golgi Apparatus is kind of like a post office. Its job is to send proteins to other materials around the cell.
An animal cell has a lysosome which act as the matntenance and repair of the cellular components also acts to help the old and weakend cells.
Nuclear Menmbrane
This is a flower. It is made up of many plant cells. All plants are made up of cells.
The nuclear membrane acts like a wall. It separates nuceoplasm from the cytoplasm. it transfers substances out of the nucleus.
Plant Cell Worldle
The vacuole stores food ,water ,and waste and minerals.
The vacuole stores food
, water, and waste
Golgi Apparatus is kind of like a postoffice.its job is to send protiens to other minerals around the cell.
They have a cytoskeleton witch allows animal cell to keep its shape.
Plants also produces the components of a cytoskeleton but they are not arranged the way a cytoskeleton in an animal cell would be.
The plant cell has a cell wall. it allows it to grow straight
This is this the wordle for the animal cell.
Animal cells have a round interesting shape
Plant cells are a rectanguler regular shape. (They are very interesting looking)
The animal and plant cell
both need water to grow.
They both have a similar sys
tem of DNA to plan or map there existance.
In animal cells the vacuoles are small.
Plant cells have large vacuoles.


Now this shows how they are different.
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