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Song Of Solomon: Allusions to Greek Mythology

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Maria Costa

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Song Of Solomon: Allusions to Greek Mythology

Morrison incorporates allusions of Greek Mythology in Song of Solomon to personify and draw parallels to Milkman's (the hero's) journey for self discovery and quest to uncover his family history
Icarus and Daedalus
Morrison combines the Legend of the Flying Africans with the myth of Icarus
Father Daedalus makes wings for his son Icarus. Daedalus warns son not to fly to close to the sun or sea but to follow his path of flight. Icarus' curiosity causes him to fall into the sea and die. Theme of failed ambition
Flight is the main mythical motif in SOS
In comparison, Milkman as Icarus goes on an archetypal journey to discover his family's past with the help of his Daedelic guide.
Milkman recovers his ancestral ability to fly
His flight is the "spiritual epiphany" in quest for self-discovery
Homer's The Odyssey
One of the major allusions to Greek Mythology in the book
Odysseus goes on a journey of self-discovery. After the fall of Troy wants to find his home and become reintegrated with his family. Must overcome many obstacles on the way back from the Trojan war
Milkman's story is parallel to this. He goes on his own journey of self-discovery and discovery about his family history.
Milkman is the hero (Odysseus)
Circe is his guide. Shares the name of Circe from The Odyssey who gives Odysseus advice on how to get to Hades.
Circe gives Milkman guidance on his journey
Many of the obstacles Odysseus faces are similar to those that Milkman faces
At the end Odysseus must prove himself to Penelope to gain acceptance. Similarly Milkman must also gain acceptance and prove his innocence to Guitar.
Milkman's journey can also be compared to the ancient myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece (his search for gold and himself)
Maria Costa
Song Of Solomon: Allusions to Greek Mythology
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